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Lanyard Management

K1 Keeper by Teufelberger


Teufelberger has reimagined the K1 Keeper, a clean and efficient lanyard keeper. Its innovative design neatly stows your lanyard in one easy pull and effectively reduces the amount of time spent organizing excess line. Tool-less installation.

Lanyard Management Clips 3-Pack (Assorted Colors)

Lanyard Management Clips 3-Pack (Assorted Colors)


3-packs of plastic lanyard clips, ideal for managing the slack on your tree-climbing lanyards up to 1/2”. These can be installed on the gear loops of many harnesses, such as the treeMOTION, Sequoia, and many Buckingham harnesses. A pair of needlenose pliers can be used to help install the clip. If your harness does not have cord gear loops, you can always install the clip on your own with some 5-6mm accessory cord. Once installed, the clips give you a quick place to snap the loose end of your lanyard to get that slack out of the way.

Colors vary pack to pack.

Saddle Lanyard Pouch

Lanyard Pouch


Heavy-duty bag easily holds 35' lanyards or a flipline kit, sling & block, etc. We brought on this lanyard pouch due to the rising popularity of carrying an extra-long secondary lanyard like the CE Lanyard for work positioning. This pouch is great for storing such systems, which are often used over-the-shoulder to help tend devices like the Rope Wrench while ascending, then fully deployed to work the tree. Attaches anywhere with 2 Malice clips (included). The best pouch around! Made in the U.S.A.

Video Overview of the Saddle Lanyard Pouch by Niceguydave.

Bag dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 4"

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