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Descenders and Figure Eights

Figure 8s and descenders are used to apply friction to the climbing line and control the rate of descent.

Large Rescue 8 with Ears by Mad Rock

Large Rescue 8 with Ears by Mad Rock


Large rescue 8 with ears ideal for rescue, mountaineering, and lowering loads. 40 kN (8,992 lb) rating. Compatible with ropes up to 12mm (1/2"), weighs 252 g (8.9 oz).

Aluminum Figure 8 with Bent Ears

Aluminum Figure 8 with Bent Ears


Aluminum rescue figure 8 with bent ears. 40 kN (8,992 lb) rating along main access. Compatible with ropes up to 12.7mm (1/2"). Made in the USA.

Steel Bent Ear Figure 8

Steel Bent Ear Figure 8


This steel figure eight is very popular for its high strength. Uses include personal belay, rescue, and rigging. The steel figure eight has long bent ears to prevent the rope from locking up during descent. Popular for rescue kits or as an inexpensive lowering device. 11,250 lb (50 kN) break strength.

Standard Figure Eight

Standard Figure Eight


Aluminum standard eight is lightweight, compact, and dissipates heat well. Anodized aluminum stands up well to use.

Video Overview by Niceguydave.

SMC Mountaineering 8

SMC Mountaineering 8


Easy to rig when wearing gloves, this compact 8 has smooth action. Anodized aluminum. Weighs 2.9 oz. 4.6" long. Made in the U.S.A.

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Petzl Pirana Descender


The Petzl Pirana is a unique descender with three different braking positions, two supplementary braking spurs, and a small carabiner hole for a “rigid” carabiner/descender unit which helps to keep the descender positioned correctly. The carabiner hole will only fit Petzl carabiners, and is meant to be a tight fit.

Sterling ATS Descender


New descender from Sterling Rope incorporates the best of tube, plate, and figure 8 style devices into one compact and durable tool. This unique device allows multiple friction settings on rappel as well as auto lock-off belay options. The ATS incorporates the best parts of a tube or plate device and a figure 8 with 'hyper-horns' into one compact, durable frame.

5,170 lb break strength.

Video Overview by Niceguydave.

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Scarab Rescue Tool


The Scarab Rescue Tool is a stainless steel tool that excels at easily controlling heavy rescue loads, pick-offs, twin rope systems, and other rescue techniques. The Scarab is strong, does not twist ropes, and allows quick adjustment of friction with easy lock-offs and ambidextrous use. Single and double rope capable, and allows attachment of rope without unclipping from anchor.

Rope capacity 9mm - 13mm (up to 1/2"), NFPA 1983 G, weighs 385g (13.8 oz).

Video Overview of the Scarab Rescue Tool by Niceguydave

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Mini Eight


Rock Exotica Mini-eight features side ears that let you easily vary friction, and is super compact - great for an emergency descender. Carabiner hole has rubber gasket that fits tightly on a Rock Exotica or Petzl carabiner. Only 3.6” long! Made in the U.S.A.

Escape 8 Figure Figure 8

“Escape 8” Micro Figure Figure 8


Designed for firefighters in bailout situations, compact aluminum 8 is perfect for your bail-out kit. Works on a wide range of ropes; smaller ropes when doubled up to 7.5mm, and single up to 12.5 mm (1/2”). Weighs 1.7 oz (48g). Made in the U.S.A.

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SMC Figure 8 w/Ears - NFPA Rate

SMC Figure 8 w/Ears - NFPA Rated


Russ Anderson / SMC figure 8 with ears is a classic design and is rated to NFPA 'T' on 9.5mm to 12.5mm rope, and NFPA 'G' on 11m to 16mm rope. Anodized aluminum. 7,194 lb breaking strength (32 kN). 6” x 5.25” x .5”. Weighs 6.5 oz (184g). Made in the U.S.A.

Descent Control Figure Figure 8

SMC “Descent Control” Stainless Steel Figure Figure 8


Seattle Manufacturing Company's Descend Control stainless eight is lightweight, tough, with exceptional control of acceleration, rappelling speed, and stopping. Wider shoulders help prevent girth hitching the rope. Made in the U.S.A.

Weight: 7.5 oz (213g), Dimensions: 5" x 3.7" x 0.375", Max. Rope size: 1/2" (12.5mm), 3 Sigma test: >20,000 lbf (89kN)

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Totem Descender by Rock Exotica

Totem Descender by Rock Exotica


The Totem was designed to be the most versatile rigging and rappelling tool available. It can function as a rigging plate, an easy-to-lock-off figure 8, sticht plate, auto-blocking plaquette device, and many other configurations. Although designed originally for canyoneering, the Totem is a valuable tool for rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, rappelling and rescue.

30 kN MBS, Max rope diameter (single: 13mm, double: 10.5mm), Dimensions: 7.5" x 2.5", weighs 4.5 oz (128 gm).

SMC Micro-Rack


The U-Rack utilizes Hyper bars which makes it easy to add friction or lock off the device. The rack dissipates heat excellently while still giving the needed amount of friction for long rappels. SMC tests their equipment in the user configuration which gives very accurate ratings. This rack is designed to run on ropes from 7-12.5mm and has a MBS range of 8kN to 22kN which corresponds with ropes you would use it with. At 9” x 3’ it is the most compact rack from SMC.

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SMC J-Rack

SMC J-Rack Components

Straight Brake Bar
Stainless Tie-off Bar

With the SMC J rack, you can build your own rappel bar assembly by adding the brake and tie-off bars you want.

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