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TCI Tree Worker's Climbing Kit

TCI Tree Worker's Climbing Kit
TCI Tree Worker's Climbing Kit image

TCI Tree Worker's Climbing Kit

Buy TCI Tree Worker's Climbing Kit

Kit w/ Size 1 Harness
Kit w/ Size 2 Harness

This kit was developed by Tree Climbers International for graduates of its Climbing Program for Entry-level Tree Workers. It is perfect for anyone just starting out, with long-lasting, high-quality gear at a great price. Kit comes with the New Tribe Onyx Harness, with Rock Exotica Hydra pulley for the bridge attachment. See list of contents below.

    Kit contains:
  • Rope: 150' Blue Moon with Sewn Eye (BM15ST)
  • Harness: New Tribe Onyx (SAD549)
  • Helmet: Petzl Vertex Vent (SAF132)
  • Carabiners: 4 x Petzl Am'D Ball Lock (CAR159-BL), 4 x Petzl Spirit Bent Gate (CAR314), 1 x DMM Xsre (Car318)
  • Cambium Savers: 2 x 3/4" Capacity Leather Cambium Saver (CLI217)
  • Throw Lines: Target Line (THR115); 3 x 150', 1 x 75'
  • Throw Bags: 4 x 10oz Weaver Cordura Throw Weight (THR219), 1 x 12oz Weaver Cordura Throw Weight (THR220)
  • Sling: 48" Nylon Runner (SLI904)
  • Long Lanyard: 10m HipSTAR FLEX (CLI242)
  • Moving Rope Hitch System: 1 x DMM Hitch Climber Pulley (PUL120), 2 x DMM Ultra O Carabiners (CAR149), 1 x 32" Armor-Prus 10mm Prusik (CLI356L)
  • Foot Ascender: 1 x CT Right Foot Ascender (ASC185-R*) *Right foot. Left available by request.
  • Rope Bridge Pulley: Rock Exotica Hydra (PUL149)
  • Grapnel: 1 x New Tribe Yella Grapnel (CLI923)
  • Storage: 1 x New Tribe Climb Bucket Open (BAG220), 1 x New Tribe Line Mug (BAG134), 1 x Large Rope Bag

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