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SRS Climbing Kits

These kits provide all the gear needed for various SRS (Stationary Rope System) Climbing Systems in a single package. See the WesSpur catalog for more information on adding SRS climbing to your tree climbing techniques.

Hybrid Ropewalker Kit

with Akimbo
with Hitch Hiker
with Roperunner PRO
with Rope Wrench
with Unicender
with Zigzag & Chicane

(This kit comes with the Hybrid device of your selection, not all six!)

These Hybrid Ropewalker kits take full advantage of the newest SRS climbing gear to get you in the canopy fast, with a built-in discount on the gear. This gives you the hardware to setup a ropewalker system that will let you ascend single line with speed and ease.

    Your kit will contain:
  • SRS ascent device of your choice:
    • Akimbo
    • Hitch Hiker
    • Roperunner PRO
    • Rope Wrench
    • Unicender
    • or Zigzag with Chicane
  • Tethers/connectors required for your device
  • Torse Chest Harness by Petzl
  • Turbo foot ascender
  • SAKA floating Knee ascenders
Rope Wrench Kit

Rope Wrench Kit - SRS Upgrade


This kit provides all the hardware needed to use the Rope Wrench for SRS. It gives you smooth, precision control in and saves time in switching between SRS and MRS systems. We put this package together to help people get all the gear needed to add SRS climbing to their toolkit. (Rope sold separately. If you are buying this kit with a starter kit, you’ll want to upgrade your rope to one that works well in SRS.)

Kit contains:

  • ISC Rope Wrench (ASC179)
  • ISC Phlotich pulley (PUL160)
  • Turbo foot ascender - right (ASC190-R)
  • RockO carabiner x 2 (CAR136)
  • Maillon Rapide delta link 1/4” (HAR117)
  • Bailout XL 9mm x 30” (CLI369)
  • Lawton Tether (ASC180)
  • Petzl Torse chest harness (SAD405)
  • DMM XSRE accessory carabiner (CAR318)

Rope Wrench SRS Kits Video by Niceguydave



The RADS (Rapid Ascent/Descent System) kit is a simple single rope system which allows the user to easily ascend a single rope with mechanical advantage. With the Petzl Rig installed, the climber is always ready to descend simply by removing the handled ascender, switching from ascent to descent quickly and with minimal fuss.

    Kit contains:
  • Rig Auto-Braking Descender (ASC201)
  • Basic Ascender (ASC118)
  • Rollclip A Non-locking Carabiner (CAR312)
  • Foot Strap with Delta Link (ASC112)
  • RockO Double-locking Carabiner (CAR136)
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