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WesSpur Beginner's Climber Kit

Beginner's Climber Kit Customize this kit by phone or at checkout! Wide-Back Harness Canvas Gear Bag Buckingham Spurs w/ Shin Cups 5/8” x 12’ Wire-Core Flipline Kit Tree Climber’s Companion
WesSpur Beginner's Climber Kit image

WesSpur Beginner's Climber Kit

Buy WesSpur Beginner's Climber Kit

Small Harness
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Buckingham Split-Suspension Waist Sizes SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”

This is the best starter kit on the market! This kit is built around rugged and dependable climbing gear that can get the job done without extra bells and whistles.

This kit comes with Shin Cup pads, which have angled steel inserts that provide rigid support and superior comfort when compared to soft pads. The Buckingham spurs have a wide range of adjustment, making them a truly one-size-fits-all spur. They also feature an offset shank and interchangeable, replaceable gaffs. The split-suspension harness is both durable and comfortable, featuring a wide, padded back and a leather-lined sit sling. This kit includes the Tree Climbers Companion - an excellent resource for climbers at any level- and also comes with a burly, military-style duffel bag to hold all your equipment.

Featuring a great collection of no-nonsense gear, this is our recommended kit for entry-level climbers who have a limited budget but nonetheless want quality equipment.

Kit Contains: Split-suspension harness, Buckingham steel spurs with Shin Cups pads, 12' x 5/8" Hi-Vis Wire-core Flipline, US Standard Adjuster, Pirate carabiner, Tree Climber's Companion, large canvas gear bag.

Upgradeable! We can upgrade or substitute like items for any kit component, and adjust your kit cost. Call us or request changes in the 'comments' field at checkout.

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. Pole Gaffs (better for thin bark) available by request.


Your kit will contain:

  • Wide-back harness
  • Buckingham steel spurs
  • Shin Cup pads
  • Spur straps
  • Gaff Guards
  • 12' x 5/8” Wire-core flipline
  • US Standard adjuster
  • Pirate carabiner
  • Tree Climber's Companion
  • Canvas gear Bag

More Information

  • Buckingham Spurs with are adjustable in height
  • Shin-cup pads are made from top-quality leather with angled steel reinforcements
  • Buckingham Spurs feature replaceable 2 3/4” tree gaffs (1 3/4” pole gaffs available on request)
  • Buckingahm saddles are durable and made in the USA from top-quality materials
  • Saddle is lined for comfort and durability
  • Tall back padding on the saddle increases comfort and back support while working in the tree
  • 5/8” x 12’ flipline is easy to grip and long enough to work well on the most commonly encountered trees
  • Climb Right flipline adjuster is easier to use than a hip prusik
  • Rock Exotica Pirate carabiners have superior pull-down gate action & manufacturing
  • The included Tree Climber’s Companion is richly illustrated and explains tree terms, knots, and safe climbing practices

Upgradeable! We can upgrade or substitute like items for any kit component, and adjust your kit cost. Call us or request changes in the 'comments' field at checkout.



Safety and Technical Information

  • Buckingham Spurs are rated for use for person weighing up to 300 lb. when fully equipped
  • Kit products meet or exceed all relevant OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM specifications
  • The included saddle is intended for work positioning and not intended for use as a fall-arrest harness
  • The Wire-core lanyard included should never be used near power lines
  • The Rock Exotica Pirate carabiner included is double-locking and has a breaking strength of 6,075 lb. (27kN)
  • Regular inspection of all equipment should be performed by a trained professional
  • Adherence to the ANSI Z133.1 2006 safety requirements for Arboriculutral Operations is highly recommended.

Additional Recommendations:

This kit contains all the basic equipment necessary to spur climb a tree. In addition to these items, the following items are recommended.
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Customer Reviews

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Rated: Good Review by: Josh

“A gentleman I once worked for bought me the entry level kit from around 6 years ago and it was good enough for every day use. The weaver saddle and the t-pads would kill you after a few hours of work. WesSpur has recently reassembled the entry level kit to this and it is pretty awesome. Good enough for a full day in a tree. Do yourself a favor and get the kit that comes with the additional rope system and personal protective equipment. You have a death wish to run a chainsaw with one tie in point and no helmet. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Bob Montgomery

“Just getting started. I must say everything works well and fills good. Thanks Dave for all the videos.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Eric Fanslau

“Everything I expected and more perfect for a beginning climber such as myself, Thank you Wes Spur!”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Brandon

“ Well put-together kit, super comfortable good support throughout the harness... Totally recommend this kit... ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Micko

“I received the kit in the time it was said to take. I have used it for a few jobs and I'm very happy with it and the service I got from WesSpur was excellent. Very happy.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Phil

“Everything I needed to get into the game! Top quality gear. I'm very impressed. I could not find a better deal anywhere else and I literally took days of searching and comparing before I bought my kit. I want to thank WesSpur for providing awesome gear at very fair prices and allowing people like me (on a tight budget) to get started working safely with professional gear. Thanks,as long as WesSpur keeps the same business philosophy they have now I will be a customer for life.”

Rated: Good Review by: Treeman48

“This kit is almost everything you need to start climbing (depending on your personal preferences) I have an additional flipline that I added to make climbing past limbs safer. The comfort level of this kit is med-low if you spend more than 90 minutes in the tree at any given time, but it wasn't advertised to be comfortable. The harness is bulky and heavy, but very well built with several options for clipping in accessories. Again, If you plan on occasionally climbing, this kit works great! If you plan on spending large amounts of time in the tree, purchase the most expensive kit your budget will allow. ”

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