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Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain

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Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain image Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain

Buy Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain

50 DL - 14” Bar
52 DL - 14” Bar
55 DL - 16” Bar
56 DL - 16” Bar
1640 DL -100' Roll

91VXL is the most popular chain for small climbing saws. Recommended for gasoline-powered saws 2.5 cu. in. and smaller. OREGON® 91VXL saw chain features top performing Chamfer Chisel cutters. The twin corners of the cutters on 91VXL chain deliver superior performance on the many popular saws which use low-profile 3/8" pitch chain. Features Long cutter top plate, advanced grind geometry, improved out-of-box grind, aggressive cutting edge with a forgiving sharpening profile and good stay-sharp. Ideal for smaller, gas-powered saws.

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