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ANSI-Rated Carabiners

Many climbers are turning to carabiners that meet the ANSI z359 standard for Fall Arrest Systems. This standard puts a minimum strength requirement on all axes of the carabiner, including when side-loaded. This minimum rating must meet or exceed 3,600 lbs (16 kN). The carabiner and gate must have this rating marked, and the body must have this rating and the minor axis load rating.

DMM AmericanO Ansi-Gate Carabiner


Brk Str 25 kN (5,620 lb) | Locksafe Gate ( ANSI Z.359) | Aluminum | Gate Opening 22mm | Dimensions 114 x 71mm | Weight 94g

Oversize, true-oval carabiner with ANSI compliant gate. Perfect if your industry requires an ANSI Z359 rated carabiner, or if you just like the extra capacity and larger size. Manufactured by DMM to be reliable, textile-friendly, and smooth to operate.

DMM Klettersteig ANSI Gate Carabiner

DMM Klettersteig ANSI Gate Carabiner


Brk Str : 6,744 lb (30 kN) • Height : 4.72” • Width : 3” • Weight : 3.84 oz • Gate : .82” (key lock)

Klettersteig carabiner's wide gate opening and long flat basket make it ideal for clipping webbing and for use in complex rope-running applications. The expanded D shape also keeps the load along the major axis maximizing strength. Large size makes it easy to use with gloved hands.

Klettersteig connectors look and behave very similarly to Offset Ds, but are wider. This design helps maximize the gate opening and the internal working volume, whilst still allowing any loads to be located as close to the spine of the connector as possible. Klettersteig connectors must pass an additional test to any of the other connectors as they are often subjected to loads in sub-optimal orientations.

ANSI Locksafe gate gives extra security in complex rigging systems such as those featuring running ropes and remote anchors. ANSI Locksafe gates rate to a minimum 16kN in minor axis, side loading and gate face loading tests, and conform to ANSI Z359.12 (2009).

Oxan steel locking carabiner

Petzl Oxan H-Frame Tri-Act ANSI Carabiner


Brk Str : 8,542 lb (38 kN) • Height : 4.25” • Width : 2.5” • Weight : 7.5 oz • Gate : .79” (key lock)

Symmetrical steel carabiner with Tri-Act gate and improved, H-frame design. Rated at 8,542 lb. (38 kN).

Certified: CE EN 362, ANSI Z359.12, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, CSA Z259.12, EAC

Vulcan steel locking carabiner

Petzl Vulcan Tri-Act ANSI Carabiner


Brk Str : 9,000 lb (40 kN) • Height : 4.25” • Width : 3” • Weight : 10 oz • Gate : 1.2” (key lock)

High-strength, steel carabiner with TriAct gate. Rated at 9,000 lb. (40 kN).

Certifications: CE EN 362, ANSI Z359.1, NFPA 1983 General Use, CSA Z259.12, EAC

ProClimb I-Beamer Big D ANSI Carabiner

ANSI Carabiner
Pin Kit

The ProClimb I-Beamer Big D Carabiner is a quintessential part of any fall protection system. It is better known for its larger gate opening, high-strength, and tapered key-lock. This ANSI & NFPA version features your choice of twist-locking or triple-locking gate; providing excellent gate strength and security. Light-weight and strong, the I-Beamer Big D Carabiner is designed to help resist shearing forces and achieve high side-loading strength ratings. Optional pin kit available.

  • Gate Strength: 16kN 10kN
  • MBS: 27kN
  • NFPA 1983 & ANSI Z359.12
  • Weight: 4.1 oz

Compact Steel D Double-Locking Carabiner


Brk Str : 11,250 lb (50 kN) • Height : 4.5” • Width : 3.25” • Weight : 10 oz • Gate : .75” (key lock)

This popular item is compact and high-strength at a great price.

Certifications: ANSI z359.1

Kong XL Steel  Carabiner

Kong XL Steel Carabiner with ANSI Gate


Brk Str : 11,240 lb (50 kN) • Height : 4.5” • Width : 3” • Weight : 9.3 oz • Gate : 1.1” (key lock)

Carbon steel carabiner with Auto Block sleeve Reinforced sleeve offers greater resistance in the case of lateral stress to meet ANSI guidelines. NFPA (G) 1983, ANSI Z 359.12.

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