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Tree Guard Non-Invasive Cabling

20 kN (2-ton) Tree Guard Sling 120  kN Tree Guard Sling 80 kN (8-ton) Tree Guard Sling 120  kN Tree Guard Sling Tree Guard Non-Invasive Cabling
Tree Guard Non-Invasive Cabling image

Tree Guard Slings - start at

20 kN (2-ton)  image 40 kN (4-ton)  image 80 kN (8-ton)  image 120 kN (12-ton) Tree Guard Slings image

Tree Guard Rope - starts at

Rope Size: 14mm - 26mm, 5% or 20% Stretch (blue) -
14mm Tree Guard Rope image 18mm Tree Guard Rope image 26mm

Protect your customers’ trees better with Tree Guard dynamic cabling. This noninvasive tree support system does a better job of supporting trees than steel cable because the system has the ability to flex as the tree moves in wind or under ice and snow. If the system is overloaded, specially-designed overload indicators become visible* on the slings used to install it - a vast improvement over static steel cable which can fail without visible warning.

*Overload indicators not present on 120 kN (12-ton) slings.

    Tree Gaurd Rope Sizes
  • 14mm • 20 kN (4,500 lb) Tensile Strength • 5% or 20% Elongation
  • 18mm • 40 kN (9,000 lb) Tensile Strength • 5% or 20% Elongation
  • 26mm • 80 kN (18,000 lb) Tensile Strength • 5% or 20% Elongation
picture of Tree Guard Mounting Marker

Tree Guard Mounting Marker


Install and maintain cabling confidently with mounting markers. Color coding and clear numbering make it easy to see the date of installation from the ground, allowing you and your client to know when upkeep is needed.

Tree Guard

Non-invasive Dynamic Cabling

Because Tree Guard installation uses slings wrapped around the stems to be supported and spliced rope to connect them, there is no drilling in the tree. This helps preserve the integrity of a marginal tree, and can mean a more successful preservation. All cabling systems have to be inspected and periodically maintained. Tree Guard is easier to inspect than any other tree support system because of the overload indicators built into the slings which are clearly visible from the ground. These indicators become visible when the system load exceeds 75%. When the customer sees that in their tree, they know it is time to call you.

Tree Guard Rope

Tree Guard rope comes in two different elasticities, either 5% or 20%, which allows cabling systems to be better-customized according to the specific needs of the individual tree. Because it uses slings, Tree Guard does not place the line around the trunk, which prevents the throat of the eye splice being forced open over time as the tree grows.

Tree Guard Slings

Tree guard slings should be long enough to lay both eyes easily side by side. The sling length should be 4 times the diameter of the branch. Tree Guard slings are protected by an anti-abrasion cover and feature overload indicators on the 20 kN (2-ton), 40 kN (4-ton), and 80 kN slings.

    Key Benefits:
  • No drilling of holes that could damage the tree
  • Dynamic material reacts to real-world stress
  • Easily installed with a simple 12-Strand Splice
  • Built-In Overload Indicators on 2, 4, and 8-ton slings
  • Effective life of at least 8 years

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