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Wedge-Grip Dead Ends

Wedge-Grips by Preformed Line Products are the quickest way to terminate your cable installation in a dead end. Easy to use, quick to install, and available in sizes that cover all sizes of cable commonly used in tree cabling.

The WEDGE-GRIP simply "slides-over" the strand and clamps with the turn of a cap. No need to ever twist open the strand or alter the strand's integrity. The end result is a reliable termination designed to develop 100% of the published rated breaking strength of the strand, while taking only seconds to be applied. Works on both EHS and standard cable.

Check out this video comparing various methods for terminating cable ends.

Wedge-Grip Dead-End PDF Overview

Cabling Terminations Comparison Video

This video by Niceguydave covers some of the benefits of different cabling terminations.

Wedge Grip Assemblies

Wedge Grip Assemblies


Wedge-Grip Dead-End assemblies quickly and easily terminate any cable installation. Available in 3 sizes to cover the commonly-used cable sizes.

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Extra High Strength Tree Cable

Extra High Strength Tree Cable

1/4” x 250’
5/16” x 200’
3/8” x 150’

Extra High Strength tree cable is suitable for tree cabling jobs requiring high breaking strengths. EHS cable is not spliceable. Extra High Strength tree cable is available in three diameters.

• 1/4” EHS Cable = 6,650 lb tensile strength
• 5/16” EHS Cable = 11,200 lb tensile strength
• 3/8” EHS Cable = 15,400 lb tensile strength

Auger Bit

Auger Bits

5/16” x 24”
3/8” x 24”
9/16” x 17”
9/16” x 29”
9/16’ x 40”
11/16” x 29”

WesSpur stocks a selection of extra-long auger bits so that you can make a clean hole without having to drill from both sides.

rig340's Grip

Strand Dispenser


The strand dispenser holds your spool of cable together and prevents it from snarling. Single use only.

Haven's Grip

Klein Haven's Grip


This grip is designed for a light, compact grip when pulling cable. Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4” cable area. Max load of 5,000 lb. Accepts cable diameters from 1/8” to 1/2”.

ANSI A300 Standards

ANSI A300 Tree Support & Cabling Standards


These standards have been developed by industry professionals to reflect accepted methods of installing and maintaining tree support systems. It is recommended that anyone installing tree cabling systems read the ANSI A300 support standard first.

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