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Books on Arborist Ropes, Splicing and Knot Tying,

Working with rope is part of the Tree Climber’s trade. We stock a selection of knot books which contain essential climbing knots such as the Klemheist, Blake's Hitch, and more. The Tree Climber’s Companion in our tree climbing books section has the basic arborist knots in it as well. We stock splicing books and dvds and you can find specialized rope splicing tools here.

Wooden Hand Splicing Booklet


A unique look at splicing double-braid ropes presented in the way only the Wooden Hand can.

Samson Splicing Manual

Samson Splicing Manual


This durable manual features user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. A full-color Samson rope identification chart features 52 different ropes and their corresponding construction and class designation. This is one of the best splicing manuals available, and is the go-to for enthusiasts and pros alike. It has information on so many different types of splices that it benefits splicers in all fields: industrial, marine, arborist, equestrian, etc. 158 pages of 30 different splices grouped by 7 types of rope constructions. Laminated, fold-out cover.

159 pages, spiral bound, b&w illustrations.

Samson Rope User's Manual

Samson Rope User's Manual


Samson's Rope User's manual is a great guide to rope selection, handling, inspection, and retirement in all industries. This guide will give you a thorough understanding of how ropes are designed, tested, and constructed, and cordage related terminology. If you really want to go deeper in your understanding of ropes and rope usage, this is a great guide. The rope inspection and retirement guidelines are especially helpful in evaluating your tree climbing and rigging lines.

56 pages, many color photos and diagrams.

Knots at Work: A Field Guide for the Modern Arborist by Jeff Jepson


Knots at Work: A Field Guide for the Modern Arborist is a 184 page guide to the tying, use, and history of over fifty knots commonly used in tree work. This book by the author of the Tree Climber's Companion and To Fell a Tree is richly illustrated with clear drawings and diagrams by Bryan Kotwica, making the tying of the knots and uses clear and easy to see. In addition to knot-tying examples, the book is filled with history, commentary, and application advice.

picture of Arborist's Knots Workbook

Arborist's Knots Workbook


Illustrated workbook from International Society of Arboriculture. Clear instruction on the most used arboristísí knots for climbing and rigging from the professionals of the ISA. Two CEUs*(A,U,T,M,L,Bp) may be earned by completing the workbook answer sheets, returning them to ISA for grading, and receiving a score of 80% or greater.

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