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Tree Climber Rope and Gear Bags

A good gear storage and transport system is an absolute must for the serious tree climber. Eliminate time spent untangling ropes and digging for gear, and get in the tree faster!

Picture of a wesspur rope bag

Rope Bags

Sturdy rope bags ranging from the simple to fully-featured.

Picture of gear bag for a complete tree climbing kit

Advanced Gear Bags

Advanced gear bags with rope storage and gear organization.

Picture of tree gear duffle bag

Simple Gear Bags

Simple, durable tree gear storage solutions.

Picture of throw line storage cube

Throw Line Storage

Throw line cubes and stuff bags keep your line tangle-free.

Eqpd Lastcarry Bags are Great for Arborist Gear

EQPD Heavy-Duty Carry Bags

Heavy-duty, super-durable carry bags great for hauling arborist ropes and gear.

Picture of pouch for storing items on the tree climbing saddle

Harness Pouches

Tool, lanyard, & ditty pouches for carrying on your harness.

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