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Arborist Rope Bags

Rope bags are essential for transporting your rope and deploying it without tangles. Using a rope bag on the job site keeps twigs and branches from fouling your climbing line as it deploys, and helps keep it clean.

For a bag that will do more than store rope, check out our advanced gear bags page.

WesSpur Small Rope Bag - 150' of 1/2” Line


The perfect rope bags - tough, stiffened walls for easy loading, and unbeatable quality for a nice price. Webbing handles, drawstring top cinches up tight, reinforced bottom, and steel ring for hanging the bag.

WesSpur Medium Rope Bag - 200' of 1/2” Line


Our most popular rope bag! The medium rope bag carries up to 200' of 1/2" rope, or your 150' climb line plus hardware. Tough, Cordura construction reinforced at bottom and a third of the way up the bag to prevent blow-outs, with stiffeners so the bag stands up and stays open to make it easy to flake rope into the bag. Webbing handles, steel ring for hanging the bag, and draw-string top.

WesSpur Large Rope Bag - 300' of 1/2” Line


Our tallest rope bag, this guy easily fits 300' of 1/2" line or a 150' and some climbing gear. Reinforced bottom, stiffened sides, top handles and durable materials make this large bag a winner.

WesSpur XL Rope Bag - 500'+ of 1/2” Line


Our largest rope bag fits 500' of 1/2" line! Burly materials, top carry handles, drawstring top - side stiffeners - all the things you expect from our hard-working bags just scaled up to hold a ton of rope and gear. This bag is ideal for carrying your larger-diameter rigging ropes, slings, and blocks, or very long climb ropes.

Camo Rope Bag by Buckingham


Features heavy-duty nylon handles with reinforced stitching, hook and loop closure, and five outside mesh pockets. Perfect for storing your rope and other climbing gear.

Cask Rope Bag, by Edelrid

28 l
55 l

Robust rope bag with hard-wearing construction for high durability. Rigid design makes it easy to flake your rope in. The smaller cask (28 l) can fit inside the 55 l Cask for easy transport.

Tuff Tundra Rope Bags


If you need a sturdy rope bag that's tough and dependable, grab the Tuff Tundra Rope Bag. Made with Rex Tex coated vinyl material, these bags are tear-resistant and waterproof. USA-made in Big Lake, Alaska.

  • Small Tuff Tundra Yellow Bag: stands 13.5" tall, holds 150' of 1/2" rope.
  • Large Tuff Tundra Yellow Bag: stands 20" tall, holds 300' of 1/2" rope.

Cobra Rope Bag - 65L by Arbortec


A versatile, heavyweight, and feature-rich gear bag with an impressive 50kg (110lb) load capacity!

With a large 65 Liter capacity and 50kg (over 110lbs) max load, Arbortec's Cobra is a great all-around gear bag. The Cobra is highly customize-able, with a removable internal divider at the base of the bag that makes it easy to organize your kit. It also features a removable rope bucket, which can be taken out and used as a separate bucket. Two large side pockets and a large mesh pouch pocket help organize smaller items.

Teufelberger Rope Bucket

Kit Bag by Teufelberger

25L Kit Bag
BAG245 Special Order Item
30L Kit Bag
BAG246 Special Order Item

The smallest of the Teufelberger bags are the Kit Bags. The 25 liter bag will fit inside of any of the other bags.

25 l bag measures 12.5" x 14.5". 30 l bag measures by 12.5" x 16".

New Tribe Rope Bag - Medium


Protect your rope and organize your gear with New Tribe's rope bag. Measures 12" wide x 11" high, fits 150' of 1/2” climbing rope. Reinforced rims and sides so that the bag stands open for easy rope stuffing. Made from 1000 denier nylon canvas and firm webbing for stiffness and durability. Pack cloth top with drawstring closure, carry handles, steel ring at rim, and webbing loop inside at bottom.

Teufelberger Rope Bucket

Rope Bucket by Teufelberger

50L Rope Bucket
80L Rope Bucket

The largest of the Teufelberger rope buckets. The 80 liter bag is the largest, and any of the others will fit inside of it.

50 l bag measures 20" x 17". 80 l bag measures by 26" x 17".

Northern Seams Rope Tarp


Pile your gear in the center of the tarp, cinch up, and go - it's that simple!

This heavy-duty gear tarp is a great idea for quick deployment and pack up of just about any gear, including ropes, slings, hardware, and climbing setup. Will fit 150' of 1/2" rope. Made in Alaska.

Sterling Rope Bag - Small


Made of durable nylon, these rope bags come equipped with top handles, a bottom that's grommeted for drainage, a clear front pocket, and a single shoulder strap.

17 liter capacity - fits 200' of 3/8" rope, or about 110' of 1/2” rope.

Sterling Rope Bag - Medium


Made of durable nylon, these rope bags come equipped with top handles, a bottom that's grommeted for drainage, a clear front pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps .

31 liter capacity - fits 200' of 1/2” rope.

Sterling Rope Bag - Large


Made of durable nylon, these rope bags come equipped with top handles, a bottom that's grommeted for drainage, a clear front pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps .

45 liter capacity - fits 400' of 1/2” rope.

Supercargo 40l Haul Bag by CAMP


The Supercargo 40 is a tough haul bag from CAMP built for transporting and vertical hauling of climbing and rigging ear. The outer shell is a stiff and wear-resisting tarpaulin; protects your gear and keeps the bag shape for loading. 40L capacity, stowable backpack straps and removable waistbelt.

picture of Porter 70L Bag by DMM

Porter 70L Bag by DMM


The DMM Porter 70 litre bag is designed for carrying loads over greater distances than the Transit bags. Heavy duty tarpaulin construction and a waterproof lid protect contents from the elements and a moulded back panel and padded Rucksack straps forms a substantial carry system. The shoulder straps can be removed to facilitate snag free hauling and large haul/grab loops make for easy clipping and hanging.

DMM Transit Bag

Transit Bag by DMM

45l Transit Bag

Large and strong, the DMM Transit rope buckets will fit 45 liters - easily enough to store 200' of 11mm rope or 150' of 1/2" rope plus gear. Webbing loops on the front of the bag give you plenty of spots to rack carabiners. The DMM rope buckets are the perfect companions for your ropes in the workplace, giving ease of storage and carrying ability whilst keeping ropes clean and safe on site.

DMM Rope and Tool Bags Information Sheet - PDF file.

Viper Rope Bag 60l by Arbortec


Waterproof rope and Rope Bag made from welded PVC/PES tarpaulin material, with roll and clip top for a IPV4 watertight seal. An adjustable, removable rucksack harness made from soft and comfy 3d Airflow mesh makes hauling heavy gear or long treks more comfortable.

  • 20cm x 20cm secure zip pocket on inside the bag
  • Large mesh pocket inside lid, ID card holder on top
  • Reinforced karabiner loops
  • Reinforced rubber grab handles on top and side
Arborist Rope Bag

Weaver Backpack Rope Bag


Great for remote work sites and recreational tree climbs. Padded shoulder straps allow you to wear your rope on your back, leaving your hands free. Functions like a top-notch rope bag with stiff walls, drawstring top, and exterior pockets. Backpack rope bag fits 150’ of 1/2" rope.

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