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Rope Grabs

Rope grabs are commonly used by tree climbers in the Single Rope Technique (SRT) to capture the climber's progress while ascending the climbing line.

CT Rollnlock


Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations. For use with ropes 8 - 13 mm in diameter. Spring-operated cam for use as a rope ascender, sliding lock for use as a pulley, allows for the hauling of light loads, or can be used with webbing 10-16 mm for positioning adjustment. Weighs only 80g.


Tibloc Ultra-light Emergency Ascender


Ultra-light and very compact ascender for rope ascents, hauling systems or friction knot replacement in self-rescue situations. TIBLOC has an automatic system that presses the carabiner against the rope to start the braking action on the rope. (8-11mm). Weighs 35 g. Updated in 2018!

Petzl Technincal Notice for Tibloc

ISC Rocker Rope Grab

ISC Rocker Rope Grab


The Rocker is a rope-friendly, self-tailing device. Thumb-catch can be used to park the device on the rope, for Work Positioning or use as a Rope Access back-up device. The Rocker is fitted with non-aggressive 'rope friendly' cam faces The Rocker can also be used as a Rope Adjuster on a Work Positioning Lanyard or Flip-line (in accordance with EN358). The Rocker can be fitted to the rope at any point. It can be used hands-free, when travelling up and down the rope. The Rocker has been designed for use without a Shock-absorber.

Kong Duck Emergency Belay Device

Kong Duck Emergency Belay Device


Easy to install with one hand and works on single ropes from 8 to 13 mm (up to 1/2”) and also planar and tubular slings and webbing from 10 to 15mm (even if not rated for climbing.) Ribbed cam.

Rescucender by Petzl

Rescucender by Petzl


Simple to use and ergonomic, the RESCUCENDER is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a progress capture device. Midline installation is quick and easy. Independent safety catches on each side of the device allow easy opening while reducing the risk of accidental opening. Red indicators show when the safety catches are unlocked. The cam spring is integrated to avoid accidental snagging and increase durability.

Works with ropes from 9 to 13mm. Weighs 260 g / 9.2 oz.

SMC Grip Rope Grab / Lanyard Adjuster


The SMC Grip is a great rope grab which makes an excellent flipline adjuster on virtually any rope. The compact, sleek design of the Grip makes it easier to adjust, and the action is smooth and trouble-free as climbers have come to expect from SMC. Each Grip is hand-inspected before leaving the factory and made in the USA.

The folks at SMC build all their gear to last for 20 years of use, and you'll feel the attention to detail in the action and smooth design of the grip.

Gibbs Rope Grab

Gibbs Quick Release Rope Grab

1/2" Capacity
5/8" - 3/4" Capacity

Steel bodied rope grabs have removable locking pin for quick installation mid-line. Gibbs is famous for the high strength, quality engineering, and durability of their climbing products. Ribbed cam.

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