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Handled Ascenders

Ascenders move freely up the rope and engage the cam when weighted. Ergonomic handles give you a comfortable grib. This reduces the strength needed to grip the rope, and leaves you more endurance for the climb. Ascenders are useful on ascent only.

A hand ascender is a key component of any SRS rope walker system when used with a foot loop or knee ascender and foot ascender.

Petzl Ascension Hand Ascender

Right Hand
Left Hand

The ergonomic design of the Ascensions' handle makes them nicer to use on long climbs. Toothed cam is easily engaged with a thumb lever and gives excellent purchase on ropes up to 1/2”. Two holes of different sizes provide attachment points for slings. Light-weight aluminum construction Makes a climbing system with the ascender foot strap and foot ascender. Sold individually.

Petzl Basic Ascender


Compact rope clamp can be installed one handed. Lower holes for connecting lanyards, upper hole allows a carabiner to be attached for self belaying or hauling systems. Toothed cam. 7/16" capacity.

Turbohand Ascender by Camp


The Turbohand Pro ascender improves climbing efficiency and makes the ascent much smoother, thanks to a roller in the body. A removable, stainless steel rope guide at the bottom of the handle aligns the rope for long ascents. Ergonomic rubber handle extends into the upper part of the spine to allow for a two-handed grip. This ascender is ideal for SRS rope walkers, and especially for long ascents.

Three large attachment points, two on the bottom and one at the top. For ropes 8mm to 13mm. Weighs 198 g (7 oz).

Professional Ascenders by ISC

Professional Ascenders by ISC

Right Hand
Left Hand

ISC Professional ascenders have coned (rather than spiked) cam-faces reduce rope wear. Lightweight, comfortable ascender for professional users. Rope diameter: 9 -13 mm (up to 1/2"). Weight: 12.3 oz (350 g).

CT Quick UP Ascender

CT Quick'UP + Ascender

Right Hand
Left Hand

The Quick'UP + is an ergonomic, ultra-light hand ascender from Climbing Technology, Italy. Rope diameter: 8 -13 mm (up to 1/2"). Weight: 7.6 oz (215 g).

Quick Roll Hand Ascender by CT

Right Hand
Left Hand

CT Quick Roll - the ergonomic hand ascender with added pulley. New ergonomic hand ascender with a especially designed rubber handle. Perfect grip and easy to manage the locking mechanism. Patented release-system, which is easy to manage with one hand. Three holes in the clutch for self-cleaning from mud and sand. The real innovation is the attached pulley at the side plate, which helps to make ascending with devices more efficient.

Rope diameter: 8 -13 mm (up to 1/2").

CT Quick Roll video by Niceguydave

Petzl Ascentree Hand Ascender


Petzl’s new Ascentree double- handled ascender is the best way to get a two fisted grip on a line. Perfect for the secured footlock or the single rope technique, the Ascentree will accept 1 or 2 legs of rope up to 13 mm (1/2”). The toothed cams can be retracted for easy installation and removal. Holes in the frame above each cam will accept carabiners for attaching prusik back-ups and keeping the cams engaged.

CT Quick'Arbor Dual Hand Ascender


The Quick'Arbor dual hand ascender from Climbing Technologies offers a number of brilliant innovations. The first thing you'll notice is that the handles are angled about 45-degrees forward. This 'v' shape puts your arms at a much more natural angle for faster and more comfortable climbing. The cams are easy to engage and disengage, and plastic covers for the top of the ascender keep out twigs and branches from jamming in during a climb. 1/2” capacity.

Kong Trender Handled Ascender

Kong Trender Handled Ascender


New double ascender designed specifically for arborists. Fitted with safety system to avoid accidental dislodging of the rope and intrusion of branches. Works on doubled rope from 8 to 13mm (up to 1/2” capacity.) Toothed cam.

CMI Expedition

CMI Expedition Ascender

Right Hand Only
Left Hand Only

The CMI Expedition ascenders combine CMI's experience in making durable, high-endurance climbing gear with a more comfortably shaped handle. Like all CMI products, this Ascender features a lifetime wear-out guarantee on the cams. Extra-large hand grip with holes for attaching slings or foot straps.

Toothed cam • 1/2" capacity • MBS: 4,000lbs (17.8kN) • 8 x 3.8" (20.3x9.8cm) • Weighs (each):10oz (273g)

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CMI Ultrascenders

CMI Ultrascenders

Long Pair
asc109 Ships from Manufacturer

Chrome-moly steel ascenders are high strength,corrosion resistant, and have a lifetime wear guarantee on the toothed cams. The large size fits the hand more comfortably and has twin holes for attaching foot loops. Sold in pairs.

Toothed Cam • 1/2" capacity • 4,600 lb MBS • 7.4" x 3"

Camp Turbochest Ascender

Camp Turbochest Ascender


The rollers on this new chest ascender from CAMP of Italy are a big step up for ascending hardware. Normally this would be wear the rope could rub against the device. Placing these rollers here decreases wear and friction, making for a more efficient ascent. The Camp Turbochest is extremely lightweight, at only 3.9 oz, designed to lay flat against the chest, and works with ropes from 8-13mm (up to 1/2").

Croll Chest Ascender

S (8mm - 11mm Ropes)
L (8mm - 13mm Ropes)

Improved Croll remains the best chest ascender. When used with a chest harness, the croll keeps you upright and well-positioned. Lays flat on the chest and can be easily installed on the line one-handed. Safety catch keeps rope captured. Designed for rope ascents, the CROLL is simple to use, thanks to its pinch opening system, which is totally integrated in the clamp to avoid any snagging. The attachment holes ensure efficient positioning during ascents. It is available in two versions to adapt to different rope diameters.

  • Croll S has a 7/16" (11mm) Max rope capacity
  • Croll L has a 1/2" (13mm) max rope capacity
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