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Tree Climbing Hardware

Whether you are a traditionalist or a total gear-head, WesSpur has you covered with all of the hardware you need for your personal tree climbing system. Below you'll find top-quality hardware for ascent and descent, in a Stationary Rope System (SRS) or Moving Rope System (MRS) configuration. We also carry an ever-expanding range of modern hybrid devices. If you need any help selecting the right hardware for your tree climbing setup, Contact WesSpur online 24/7 or give us a call.

At WesSpur we want to be your tree gear suppliers for life; Great Tree Gear, Great Prices, & Great Service.

picture of petzl ascension hand ascender for climbing rope


Hand, foot, and knee ascenders, rope grabs, & hybrid devices.

picture of double petzl locking carabiner for tree work

Carabiners & Clips

Double locking carabiners, accessory carabiners, tool holders, rope clips.

picture of popular CMI micro pulley for tending friction hitches in arborist climbing systems

Hitch-Tending Pulleys

A wide selection of compact pulleys for tending your friction hitch.

picture of the hitch hiker mechanical friction hitch

Mechanical Hitches

Hitch Hiker, Rope Wrench, Unicender, Zigzag, SpiderJack, & more.

picture of figure 8 for rappelling or abseiling down a tree

Auto-Braking Descenders

Auto-braking descenders like the I'D, Spyder, D4 & more.

picture of figure 8 for rappelling or abseiling down a tree

Figure 8s

Figures 8s, rappelling racks, brake bars, and more.

picture of small rigging plate for tree climbing

Rigging Plates & Rings

Small rigging plates rings and plates are ideal for harness bridges.

picture of rock exotica nano swivel useful for tree climbing lines


Swivels on the bridge connection keep climbing lines from twisting.

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