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Tree Climbing Supplies by Brand

Many tree climbers develop a strong bond of trust with one brand of climbing gear that they've come to rely upon. On this page we've arranged our wide selection of tree climbing supplies by manufacturer rather than purpose, to make it easy for those of you who prefer a brand to see all of the climbing and rigging gear available from that manufacturer.

Our index of tree climbing supplies by brand will continue to grow. Please contact us if there is a manufacturer you would like to see represented here.

Arborwear Clothing
Arborwear Clothing

Arborwear designed the first work pants designed for the rigors of tree climbing, and since then have brought us excellent shirts, jackets, shorts, vests, and more great gear for work and play in the trees.

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Buckingham has over 100 yeas experience building climbing gear in the U.S.A. From spurs to friction savers to harnesses, Buckingham makes durable, top-quality tree climbing supplies.

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DMM Gear
DMM Gear

DMM manufactures top-end gear for arborist work, from the popular Hitch Climber and Pinto Pulleys to the massive Impact blocks. DMM carabiners, pulleys, and hardware are among the best in the world.

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Edelrid Gear
Edelrid Gear

Edelrid developed the first kernmantle rope, and continues to push innovation in climbing gear.

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ISC Solutions in Metal

ISC Wales manufactures tough arborist blocks, unique carabiners, and speciality items like the Rope Wrench - all using the best manufacturing and design processes available.

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Mad Rock Gear
Mad Rock Gear

Mad Rock is a popular rock climbing brand, whose carabiners fit nicely into tree work.

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Marlow Rope Gear
Marlow Rope

Marlow Rope is a British rope manufacture of working lines that has made a splash in the arborist world with excellent climb lines, throw line, and rope tools.

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Teufelberger Tree Climbing Supplies

Teufelberger brings innovative tree climbing products like the treeMOTION as well as great ropes like Safety Blue, Platinum, and KMIII Max.


New Tribe Work and Recreational tree Climbing Gear Logo
New Tribe

New Tribe is the leading manufacturer of recreational tree climbing supplies, and has developed several excellent harnesses for tree work.

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Petzl Tree Gear
Petzl Tree Gear

Petzl has made some of the most popular tree climbing supplies in the world, in every category from carabiners and ascenders to helmets and harnesses.

Shop for Petzl Tree Gear

Rock Exotica
Rock Exotica

Rock Exotica is a company with a long history of producing innovative, excellent products for climbers. They are the manufacturers of the popular Omni-Blocks, Nano Swivel, and Unicender, among others.

Shop for Rock Exotica

Samson Rope
Samson Rope

Samson Rope builds many of the most popular climbing and rigging lines in use by arborists today, from climbing favorites like Velocity, and ArborMaster®, to Stable Braid and Nystron rigging lines.

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Silky Saws
Silky Saws

Silky is the top name in arborist hand and pole saws. They've earned their reputation with fast-cutting, long-lasting, blades which outperform your expectations.

Shop for Silky Saws

SMC Gear

SMC (Seattle Manufacturing Company) manufactures some of the best carabiners, pulleys, rope grabs, and other climbing hardware in the world. Trusted by professionals.

Shop for SMC Gear

Sterling Rope
Sterling Rope

Sterling Rope makes innovative ropes, prusik cords, and tools for arborists. From the cut-resistant TriTech rope to RIT cord and the Aztek Elite system, Sterling products are built for top-performance.

Shop for Sterling Rope

Yale Cordage
Yale Cordage

Yale Cordage manufactures some of our most popular tree climbing and rigging lines, prusik cords, and the best steel-core fliplines on the market - the Yale Maxiflip.

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