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Rope Installation

WesSpur stocks all the throw lines, throw weights, and and line launchers you need to install your rope in the tree. Throw weights and line are an essential part of any rope climbing kit. For long climbs or trees where the throw weight must be installed at great distance or with great accuracy, the Big Shot line launcher is an indispensable tool.

WesSpur stocks multiple throw lines for you to choose from. We stock throw weights in many styles and sizes so you can have the perfect throw bag for every toss. We also have complete throw line kits which contain throw line, throw weight, and storage bag at a nifty price.

Big shot line launcher
Big Shot Line Launcher

The Big Shot line launcher is the best way to put your throw line in the tree when height and accuracy matter. Popular with arborists and sport climbers alike.

Click here for the big shot.

Throw Line Kits
Complete Throw Line Kits

Get your gear in one easy click. Kits contain throw line and throw bag of your choice, plus line storage bag to keep your line from becoming tangled and unusable.

Click to shop for throw line kits.

spool of throwline
Arborist Throw Lines

WesSpur has a selection of arborist throw lines to chose from, including high strength Dyneema and Spectra lines. We stock lines from 150’ up to 1,000’.

Click here for throw lines.

Throw weight varieties
Throw Line Storage

Folding throw line cubes, line mugs, and other storage options for your throw line.

Click for throw line storage.

Throw weight varieties
Throw Weights

Throw weight, throw bag, shot bag, throw ball; there are a lot of different names for a throw weight. We have vinyl, cordura, and unbreakable throw weights.

Click to shop for throw bags.

Friction savers and rope savers
Friction /Rope Savers

Friction savers, cambium savers, and rope savers to protect your rope and the tree while climbing.

Click to shop for friction savers.

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