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Petzl Throw Line

Petzl has developed a unique family of throw line tools for tree climbers who want the best in performance. Airline throw line is a great blend of strength and lightness, and flakes easily and resists tangling. The Jet throw bags are double-bagged which not only gives them added durability, it offers an 'early warning' when a bag is about to blow, as you'll see through the outer layer to the different-colored inner bag. The feel of the Jet throw bag is great in the hand, and they perform exceptionally well. All of your Petzl throw line gear fits neatly into the Eclipse throw line cube, which in turn can be stored in the Petzl Rope Bucket rope bags when folded.

Petzl Airline Throw Line

60m / 197'
300m / 984'

Petzl's Airline throw cord is an excellent choice for performance throw line. Airline has a Dyneema sheathe for added toughness and abrasion resistance over an EVA core. This construction helps it stay nice and round and glide through the tree easily. Airline is very light, so you don't need a very heavy throw weight. Airline throw cord is just the right blend between flexible and stiff for a cord that throws easily right out of the bag or cube and resist knotting and tangling.

Airline is 1.8mm in diameter and has a tensile strength of 550 lb (250 kg).

Petzl Jet Throw Bags

250g / 9 oz. - Yellow
300g / 10.5 oz. - Yellow
350g / 12.5 oz. - Yellow

The Petzl Jet throw bag has a great feature - each bag is constructed with an interior layer so you have 2 layers of material keeping the shot in the bag. The shape and feel of these bags is perfect for throwing by hand, and the smallest will work great in the big shot. Each has a cordura loop on the bottom.

Eclipse Throw Line Storage Solution


The Petzl Eclipse storage for throw line is a handy device with a huge opening for easily flaking multiple throw lines and a a double bottom allowing two throw-lines to be stored separately. The Eclipse has two attachment points to separate the rope ends and four mesh pockets to hold the throw-bags, and when empty folds up into a small circle for easy storage. When folded, fits perfectly into the Petzl Bucket rope bucket. Weighs 17 oz/ 500 g.

Petzl Airline Throwline Kit

Petzl Airline Throwline Kits

Kit w/ 9.5 oz. Weight
Kit w/ 10.5 oz. Weight
Kit w/ 12.5 oz. Weight

Kit comes with 60 meters of Petzl Airline Throwline, Eclipse throw line storage system, and Jet throw weight of your choice.

Petzl Airline Throwline Kit

Petzl Airline Throwline Kit - 2 Weights


Kit comes with 60 meters of Petzl Airline Throwline, Eclipse throw line storage system, and two Jet throw weights: one 10.5 oz. and one 12.5 oz.

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