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SRS (Stationary Rope System) Tree Climbing Gear

Stationary Rope Systems (SRS) have long been used in caving, mountaineering and tree canopy access. SRS has become a big part of many tree climbers' strategies for ascent. Recent gear innovations have provided methods to not only ascend but also perform tree work on SRS.

SRS is fundamentally different than Moving Rope System (MRS, sometimes called DdRT or Doubled Rope Technique). In SRS, the climber moves along the line, and the rope is anchored and does not move in the system. The mechanical advantage gained through a doubled rope is removed, but the rate of ascent on the rope becomes a 1:1 ratio and with a rope walker setup, can be extremely fast. SRS climbing is frequently used for long ascents, or to more easily install a line as there is no need to isolate the primary suspension point.

SRT Climbing Kits SRS Climbing Kits

Complete SRS climbing kits and SRS upgrade packages.

Climbing Lines for SRS Climbing Lines for SRS

Kernmantle ropes make the best climbing lines for SRS ascents.

SRS Basal Anchors SRS Basal Anchors

Adjustable anchor slings for your SRS system.

RopeTek Hitch Hiker Hitch Hiker Hybrid Device

The RopeTek Hitch Hiker is a great device for Hybrid climbing systems.

Rope Wrench Rope Wrench Hybrid Device

A great invention for SRS climbing. Full list of accessories available.

Unicender Unicender Hybrid Device

Ascend and descend smooth with control and precision in SRS or MRS.

Hand and Foot Ascenders for SRS Ascenders for SRS

Ascenders, foot ascenders, and foot straps for your SRS system.

New Tree Gear New Tree Gear

Check out the newest tree gear in the WesSpur shop.

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