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Tree Climbing Spurs amd Tree Climbing Spikes

Whether you call them “Tree Spikes”, “Tree Spurs”, “Boot Spikes”, or “Tree Climbers” - WesSpur has what you're looking for. We have sold tree climbing spurs for over 30 years, and we have an incredible selection of spur brands, spur climber pads, and money-saving spur climbing kits.

Check out our video guide to spurs in tree climbing for help selecting your spur climbers.

Complete Spur Climbing Tree Climbing Kits Complete Spur Climbing Kits

Get climbers, pads, flipline, adjuster, saddle & gear bag & save money.

Buckingham Steel Tree Climbing Spikes Buckingham Steel Climbers

High strength & durable. Replaceable tree or pole gaffs.

Bucklite Bucklite Aluminum Climbers Tree Climbing Spurs Bucklite Aluminum Climbers

Sturdy but lightweight adjustable spur. Tree or pole gaffs available.

Bucklite Titanium Tree Climbing Spurs Bucklite Titanium Climbers

Lightweight, high-performance. Replaceable tree or pole gaffs.

Klein Steel Tree Climbing Spurs Klein Steel Climbers

Unique gaff offset and shank contour. Replaceable tree or pole gaffs.

Climb Right Aluminum Tree Climbing Spurs Climb Right Aluminum Climbers

Light-weight aluminum climbers. Replaceable tree or pole gaffs.

Bashlin Aluminum Climbing Spurs Bashlin Aluminum Climbers

Lightweight, professional grade. Replaceable tree or pole gaffs.

Talon Climbers by Edelrid Talon Climbers by Edelrid

Lightweight, redesigned, modern climbers.

Pads for Spur Climbers Spur Climber Pads & Straps

Wide selection of spur climbing pads. Upgrade your comfort.

spur category image Straps & Accessories

Gaff guards, foot plates, climber shields, & more.

Replacement Gaffs for Tree Climbing Spurs / Pole Climbing Spurs Replacement Gaffs & Parts

Replacement gaffs, climber parts, sharpening kits, & more.

Tree Climbing Spurs Replacement Parts Replacement Spur Parts

Replacement spur sleeves, barrel bolts sets, and gaff bolts.

pole climbing equipment Pole Climbing Equipment

Pole climbing belts, straps, self-rescue gear, and more.

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