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Rope Splicing

WesSpur carries all the rope splicing tools and splicing books you need to splice your own arborist ropes or learn new splices. We carry specialty rope splicing tools such as the Brion Toss Splicing Wand, Brion Toss Splicing Phid, Samson Fids & Pushers and several marlin spikes. We have rope splicing books and how-to-splice videos to help you learn how to splice or expand your knowledge of splicing rope.

A selection of rope-splicing books can help with splicing instructions, and rope splicing kits contain a range of splicing tools to get you started. A full range of thimbles, made from metal or plastic are available for fitting into your eye splice. Check out the clearance rope page for short lengths of rope on which to practice your rope splicing skills. If you want a spliced eye on your rope without doing the work yourself, then check out our factory spliced eyes on Samson climbing line and Stable Braid rigging line.

Arborist Rope Splicing Tools

Rope Splicing Tools

Fids, splice-wands, fid pushers, and more tools can be found here, as well as splice training kits to get you started. We carry splicing tools from Samson Ropes and master rigger/splicer Brion Toss.

Click here for splicing tools

logo for iron street rope splicing service

Rope Splicing Service

WesSpur is partnered with Iron Street Rope splicing to provide spliced ropes, prusiks, & slings, as well as custom spliced goods.

Follow the link for information on adding splices to your ropes or creating custom spliced goods.

Custom Splices

WesSpur Rope Splicing Kits

WesSpur Rope Splicing Kits

WesSpur rope splicing kits contain all the tools and resources you need for splicing 16-strand, 12-strand, and double-braid arborist ropes.

WesSpur Rope Splicing Kits

Arborist Rope Splicing DVD

Splicing DVDs & Books

Splicing instructions on DVD from Samson Ropes and Brion Toss, as well as rope splicing manuals and handbooks.

Click here for splicing DVDs

Arborist Rope Splicing Instructions

Rope Splicing Instructions

Free, downloadable instructions for splicing ropes according to manufacturer guidelines.

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