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Samson Rope Splicing Tools

Samson is one of the leading manufacturers of rope in the world, and makes many of the top arborist climbing and rigging lines we sell. Samson has made their splicing instructions freely available on their website, and also collected them in the Samson Splicing Manual sold below.

Samson's splicing instructions are clear and easy to follow, and use the tubular aluminum fids below for most measurements. Splicing your own eye splices in climbing and rigging lines, or even building your own Whoopie and Loopie slings can be accomplished with these splicing tools and instructions.

Samson Splicing Manual

Samson Splicing Manual


This durable manual features user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. A full-color Samson rope identification chart features 52 different ropes and their corresponding construction and class designation. This is one of the best splicing manuals available, and is the go-to for enthusiasts and pros alike. It has information on so many different types of splices that it benefits splicers in all fields: industrial, marine, arborist, equestrian, etc. 158 pages of 30 different splices grouped by 7 types of rope constructions. Laminated, fold-out cover.

159 pages, spiral bound, b&w illustrations.

Arborist Splicing Tools

Samson Tubular Aluminum Splicing Fids


These fids are designed to splice all Samson ropes according to their splicing instructions. Measurements are determined in “fid-lengths”, so you will want to purchase the splicing fid that corresponds to the rope diameter you are splicing. You will also want the appropriate fid pusher.

Samson 1 1/4” Aluminum Splicing Fid

Samson 1 1/4” Wire Splicing Fid


For rope sizes above 1" in diameter, Samson recommends a wire fid. Keep in mind that while the tubular fids are 100% scale for Samson's splicing instructions, the wire fids are 1/2 scale, and the length of the tool is 1/2 the actual fid length for the corresponding rope diameter.

Arborist Splicing Tools

Samson Fid Pushers

Small (1/4" - 1/2")
Large (9/16" - 1")

Samson fid pushers are used in rope splicing to push the tubular fids attached to the rope through the rope to complete the bury, and also can be used to help extract core fibers when beginning the splice. Choose the size of fid pusher corresponding to the rope diameter you want to splice. Made in the USA by Samson Ropes for use with their rope splicing instructions.

Samson Splicing Kit


Chock full of useful splicing tools. Contains one small pusher, one each of 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2” aluminum fids, and instructions for splicing class I double-braid ropes according to the Samson instructions. A great way to save money if you want to splice a wide range of ropes from 1/4” to 1/2”. The splicing tools in this kit will be useful for splicing 12-strands like Tenex as well, up to 1/2” in diameter. We recommend picking up the Splicing Manual for full instructions.

Samson Fids & Pushers Kit (7/16” to 3/4”)


This kit provides the fids and pushers needed to splice common climbing and rigging lines used in tree work. Includes Samson Small and Large Pushers, 7/16”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” fids. These tools allow you to splice according Samson's proven rope splicing methods. You will want to also pick up some masking tape and a sharpie for marking strands.

Order this kit for the fids and pushers you need to splice the most commonly-used lines in arboriculture, and then head on over to our Samson rope splicing instructions page to download and print the free instructions you need to get started splicing, or buy the complete set of Samson rope splicing instructions in the durable Samson Splicing Manual below.

Samson Splicing Kit

Samson Splice Training Kit


Contains everything needed to learn to splice double-braid ropes; including pusher, fid, instructions, and 2 lengths of double braid practice rope.

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