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SMC Gear for Arboriculture

At WesSpur, we're lucky to have one of the best manufacturers of gear for work at height right in our back yard. SMC was started in 1967 as Seattle Manufacturing Company, and now continues their history of making top-quality carabiners, pulleys, and other hardware in Ferndale, WA. SMC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, and every piece of gear they make is built to last a lifetime of use. SMC products are built to the highest standards, and made in the U.S.A.

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Save 15% on all SMC Gear: top-quality carabiners, descenders, and more - all made in the USA. Coupon expires 5/15/17.

SMC Descenders (8s)
SMC Descenders (8s)

SMC has a great options for descent, from the Micro 8 emergency descender to the Micro U-Rack for very long rappels.

Shop for SMC Descenders (8s)

SMC Carabiners
SMC Carabiners

SMC Carabiners are built to the highest standards and include several NFPA carabiners for use where that standard is required.

Shop for SMC Carabiners

SMC Grip Lanyard Adjuster
SMC Grip Lanyard Adjuster

The SMC Grip is a popular rope grab which is easy to install and provides secure adjustment when used as a flipline or lanyard adjuster.

Shop for SMC Grip Lanyard Adjuster

SMC Pulleys
SMC Pulleys

From micro-pulleys to NFPA rated rescue pulleys to the progress-capturing Advance Tech, SMC makes some of the best-designed pulleys for work at heights.

Shop for SMC Pulleys

SMC Rigging Plates & Hardware
SMC Rigging Plates & Hardware

SMC makes a great mini-rigging plate, aluminum rings, and other hardware for professional rigging and rope use.

Shop for SMC Rigging Plates & Hardware

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