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Tree Rigging Slings

Tree rigging and removal operations require durable and reliable slings, bull ropes, and arborist blocks. WesSpur stocks excellently crafted slings in a variety of lengths, diameters, and styles, so that you can find the perfect sling for your job. The double braid dead-eye and Tenex dead-eye slings are traditional tree rigging slings and offer good breaking strengths. Adjustable Whoopie and Loopie slings can be shortened or extended with their unique construction, so that one sling can take the place of many different sized slings.

In addition to slings you see here, we have the ability to make any custom slings you need, thanks to the splicing professionals at Iron Street Rope Splicing.

Adjustable whoopie and loopie tree rigging slings
Adjustable Slings

Whoopie and Loopie slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can replace many. Perfect for creating knotless rigging systems to speed up your days work, and ideal for attaching blocks and hardware.

View Adjustable Slings

Crane Slings tree rigging slings
Crane Slings

WesSpur has developed Crane Slings that are ideal for the crane removals. Check out the new crane slings we've designed in cooperation with Samson Rope and The Crane Man, Inc.

View Crane Slings

Dead-eye tree rigging slings
Dead-Eye Slings

Dead-eye rigging slings from 12-strand & Double-Braid rope. Eye slings are perfect for attaching a Port-a-Wrap or other rigging hardware.

View Eye Slings

Heavy duty loop slings
Endless Loop Slings

These heavy duty slings are made from an endless loop of fiber, making them incredible strong. Durable Cordura sheathing protects the load bearing element. Perfect for heavy lifting.

Endless Loop Slings

Misc tree rigging slings - crane sligns, etc
Misc. Tree Rigging Slings

From limb balancers to large crane slings for whole crown removals, we have a variety of specialized tree rigging slings, screamers, rigging prusiks, and more.

Misc. Tree Rigging Slings

Light duty tree rigging slings
Light-duty Slings

Nylon/dyneema runners and slings, daisy chains, bulk tubular webbing, and more. Light Duty Slings

Heavy duty loop slings
Flat Nylon Slings

These slings are built for industrial heavy lifting and have incredible breaking strengths. The tapered, twisted eyes, reinforced construction, and incredible strength make them popular with tree guys.

Flat Nylon Slings



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