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Nylon and Spectra Loop Runners, bulk Nylon and Cordura

We stock a wide variety of light-duty and miscellaneous slings for use in climbing systems or various specialty tree rigging setups like speed-lining wood. WesSpur offers nylon and spectra runners, as well as bulk nylon webbing.

Nylon Loop Runners & Colors

1” Nylon Runners (light-duty loop slings) - MBS 23kN (5,170) lb

1” x 12” Nylon
1” x 24” Nylon
1” x 36” Nylon
1” x 48” Nylon
1” x 60” Nylon
1” x 72” Nylon

Lightweight but packing an MBS of 6,500 lb, these Nylon Runner Slings measure 1” wide and come in a variety of lengths to suit many different needs. Length is measured when loop is laid flat. Please let us know if you require a specific color, as color may vary.

Spectra Loop Runners

.5” Spectra Runners (light-duty loop slings )- MBS 4,950 lb

.5” x 12” Spectra
.5” x 24” Spectra
.5” x 36” Spectra
.5” x 48” Spectra
.5” x 72” Spectra

With a 4,950 lb. break strength, these spectra runners are lightweight and strong, and have dozens of uses for all climbers. Used for light duty applications where dynamic loads are not possible, making custom ascender slings, quick draws, and redirects. Color may vary.

Chain Reactor

Chain Reactor


The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. It's perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems.

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains


Durable nylon webbing with heavy-duty stitching to form multiple attachment loops. Great for racking your gear or for use as an adjustable tether for SRT climbing. Sold individually.

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Tech Tape 1 inch bulk nylon webbing in multiple colors

1” Tech Tape Tubular Nylon Webbing by the Foot


This tubular nylon webbing is sold by the foot so that you can purchase as much as you like for any custom rope or sling projects you have in mind. Often used to create ascender slings, tool straps, or even protective sheathes for climbing lines. *The breaking strength of the end project created by the buyer may be different than the minimum breaking strength, based upon what techniques are used.

Min. Breaking Strength: 4,300 lb.*

Bulk Cordura Webbing

Bulk Cordura Webbing


2 1/8” tubular Cordura webbing. Ideal for making chafe sleeves to protect rope products. Price listed is per foot.

Cordura Pitch Guard

Cordura Pitch Guard

Price per Foot

Tubular Cordura pitch guard can be added to any stock or custom rope lanyard, to help keep it pitch-free and operating smoothly. Order the total amount of pitch guard you would like to use as pitch guard on your non-steel core fliplines, and then use the "comments" box during checkout to let us know how long of pitch guards you want on each flipline on your order.

(Note: this item can not be added to Buck Rigid Line, Grillon, CE Lanyard, or steel-core fliplines.)

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