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Heavy Duty Endless Loop Slings

Super Heavy Duty 100% polyester endless loop slings are flexible and super strong. Cordura sheath makes the sling durable and long lasting. Lightweight and easy to handle, these slings are great for heavy lifting. The flexibility of these round slings makes them perfect for a choked lift, and allows the sling to contour around the load.. Eye-to-eye slings are also available, where an extra Cordura sheath has been sewn around the loop sling to make two eyes. These slings are listed with the manufacturer's ratings based on a 5:1 design factor where the Working Load Limit (WLL) equals one fifth of the Breaking Strength (Brk Str.) These 100% polyester round slings are made in the U.S.A.

Heavy Duty Rigging Sling

.8” Heavy Duty Loop Slings

.8” x 4' Sling
.8” x 6' Sling
.8” x 10' Sling

WLL: Single Leg 5,300 lbs.; Choker 4,240 lbs.; Basket 10,600 lbs.

Heavy Duty Rigging Sling

1.3” Heavy Duty Loop Slings

1.3” x 10' Sling
1.3” x 15' Sling

WLL: Single Leg 13,200 lbs.; Choker 10,560 lbs.; Basket 26,400 lbs.

Heavy Duty Rigging Sling

1.4” Heavy Duty Loop Slings

1.4” x 6' Sling
1.4” x 10' Sling
1.4” x 15' Sling
1.4” x 20' Sling

WLL: Single Leg 16,800 lbs.; Choker 13,440 lbs.; Basket 33,600 lbs.

Heavy Duty Rigging Sling

1.4” Heavy Duty Eye-to-Eye Slings

1.4” x 6' Sling
1.4” x 10' Sling

WLL: Single Leg 16,800 lbs., Choker 13,440 lbs.; Basket 33,600 lbs.

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