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Crane Slings

WesSpur's Quantum-X Crane Sling

3 Piece Set
sli926 Built to Order

WesSpur's crane sling uses Samson Quantum-X rope to create a crane sling that is truly up to the job. This 3-sling set has 2 x 25' slings and 1 x 30' sling.

Slings feature big 12” eyes, color-coded stitching so you know which sling is which length at a glance, and shot stitched into the tail of the sling to improve handling. Sling Working Load Limit: 7,056 lb.

These slings were designed from designs by Niceguydave with input from Mike Teti, owner of Custom Climber Services. They were first released at the Crane Safety Climber School 2016 and have proven themselves to be the go-to, heavy hitter for big, balanced crane picks. Our crane slings have the correct tag for critical lift operations as required by OSHA. Quantum X was the line that Niceguydave chose after careful consideration of the unique requirements for balanced picks in crane work.

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WesSpur's Amsteel II Crane Sling

WesSpur / The Crane Man Amsteel II Plus Crane Sling New in 2017!

3 Piece Set
SLI929 Built to Order

We've built upon the success of the WesSpur/The Crane Man sling above to bring you this fully-functional set of crane slings at a more affordable price point. If you own a crane or frequently do crane jobs, the Quantum X sling above is built to be the best Crane Sling for tree removals. If you don't do enough crane work to justify the Quantum X sling, the Amsteel II sling is for you.

Built with the same convenient features - large eyes, color-coded ends, and chafe sleeve, this set of crane slings made from 9/16” Amsteel II Plus, and provides a 5:1 WLL of 4,441 lbs in the vertical choke with a cow hitch on the load. This 3-sling set has 2 x 25' slings and 1 x 30' sling.

Samson Amsteel II Plus is a class II double braid with super-strong high modulus core protected with a tightly-braided, firm cover that is coated for additional abrasion resistance and visibility.

If you are looking for the right combination of performance, strength, and affordability, this is the crane sling for you.

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OSP Polyester Round Slings

OSP Polyester Round Slings

OSP Slings
Special Order Items

View Special Order Slings on the OSP Web Site.

WesSpur offers OSP Polyester Round Slings as special-order items. The cranes round slings at the link above can be special-ordered in any size and length. 8' and 20' are great sizes for crane work; the 8' can be used to extend the Quantum-X and Amsteel-II Crane Slings, and are also great for trunk picks.

Get the OSP part #s at the link above, and call (800) 268-2141 for pricing and availability.

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Accessories & Related Items

US-made Galvanized Shackle

US-made Galvanized Steel Shackle by Crosby


CM galvanized steel shackle. 3/4” / 20mm bar stock. 13,000 lb WLL. CE certified. Made in the USA.

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Rigger's Bible

The Rigger's Bible


The Rigger's Bible is a general reference guide for riggers and crane operators. Although it was written with the construction industry in mind, the concepts and data it discusses are still pertinent to the tree service industry because of the similarity between the applications. Both tree and construction riggers commonly employ the use of cranes, mechanical advantage, and similar working loads in their rigging systems. Because the principles of physics it discusses are universal, this book is an excellent resource for anybody who does heavy rigging.
144 pages, hardcover, b&w illustrations.

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TCIA Best Practices for Crane Use

TCIA Best Practices for Crane Use


Combines technical info from professional crane operators and arborist who use cranes to cover fundamentals and go beyond the basics. Includes free green log weight chart. Spiral-bound, 50 pages.

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Green Log Weight Chart

Green Log Weight Chart


The green log weight chart is a handy quick reference guide to 66 different tree species with weights per cubic foot as well as weights of one foot trunk/limb sections for 14 to 72 inches in diameter. Refer to this chart when rigging down large sections of trees either by rope or crane.

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