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Arborist Hand Saws

Arborists rely upon tree trimming hand saws for pruning work. Arborist hand saws are designed to cut quickly in live or dead wood on the pull-stroke, and the most common pruning saws are curved for increased cutting power. Tree trimmers are using larger hand saws for pruning even medium-sized limbs as the newest tree trimming saws are so aggressive that using the hand saw can be faster and more convenient than starting the chanisaw. WesSpur stocks a wide selection of tree trimming hand saws, replacement blades, and scabbards.

Silky Hand Saws
Silky Hand Saws

Silky hand saws are the most popular professional tree trimming saws in the world. The Zubat, Sugowaza, and Ibuki are just a few popular Sikly hand saws. Try a Silky hand saw today.

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Samurai Hand Saws
Samurai Hand Saws

Samurai hand saws from Kanzaawa put high-quality Japanese blade design to work in very affordable tree trimming hand saws.

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Silky Folding Hand Saws
Silky Folding Hand Saws

Silky folding saws put the precision and cutting-power of a Silky hand saw blade in a compact folding saw. WesSpur stocks Super Accel, Pocketboy, Ultra Accell and others.

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Fanno Hand Saws
Fanno Hand Saws

Fanno tree trimming hand saws have been relied upon for years for fast, affordable pruning hand saws. Fanno blades are also popular for pole saw use.

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Corona Hand Saws
Other Hand Saw Brands

WesSpur stocks hand saws from Jameson, Corona, Wicked Tree Gear and others. Find exactly the hand saw you're looking for.

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Hand Saw Scabbards
Hand Saw Scabbards

Ssaw scabbards for all saws, made from leather, rubberized material, and even the hard plastic Silky replacement scabbards. Regular and leg-style hand saw scabbards available.

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