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Samson Rope Products for Arboriculture

Samson Ropes has over 130 years of manufacturing expertise in rope-making, and was the first to market with a dedicated Arborist climbing line. Samson knows tree rope! From staple climbing lines like Velocity, ArborMaster®, and Vortex, to the ever-reliable Stable Braid rigging line - Samson has the right rope for every part of your tree job.

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Samson Climbing Lines
Samson Climbing Lines

Samson has the right rope for your climbing style; from high-performance double braids to robust 12 and 16-strand arborist climbing lines.

Samson Climbing Lines

Samson rigging Lines
Samson rigging Lines

Samson Stable Braid and Nystron double-braid ropes have the best in modern rigging rope technology, plus we also have inexpensive and durable 12 and 3-strand ropes.

Samson rigging Lines

Samson Rope Splicing Tools
Samson Rope Splicing Tools

Fids, pushers, and other tools from the Strongest name in rope for splicing all arborist lines according to the Samson splicing instructions.

Samson Rope Splicing Tools

Samson Throw Lines
Samson Throw Lines

Samson Zing-It throw line is bright, strong, and has great performance - especially when used with a throw line cube.

Samson Throw Lines

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Since the very early days of WesSpur, we've sold Samson rope. Samson has a long history of excellence in the development, manufacture and innovation of ropes. Back in the day, we sold a lot of Arbor-Plex and 3-strand rope (and still do), and added great products as they came on the market, like ArborMaster®, Stable Braid, Velocity, and most recently, Nystron and Vortex. This range of ropes provides the right tool for any tree job.

Samson ropes are built with the best research, innovation, materials and manufacturing available, in Ferndale, Washington and Lafayette, Louisiana. Samson climbing line, rigging line, and throw line are respected for their reliability, durability, and performance.


Samson App

The Samson rope app is a free download from the iTunes store containing rope inspection checklists, splicing instructions and videos, and a guide for evaluating internal and external abrasion to ropes.

Get the Samson Rope App.

1899 Samson Catalog

Did you know?

Samson is the oldest, active registered trademark in the United States. Samson Ropes has over 130 years of rope-making experience behind the ropes it manufactures today. A leader in innovation, Samson developed the first synthetic braided climbing line specifically designed for arborists in the 1970s (Arbor-Plex). Samson continues to meet the needs of the professional arborist with the latest innovations and technologies in fiber, coating, construction, and manufacturing techniques.

Innovation and Development

With over 130 years of cordage-manufacturing history behind it, Samson moves into the future with advanced research and development focused on developing and manufacturing the best ropes around. Samson has pioneered many of the tools we take for granted today, such as the first synthetic arborist climb line (Arbor-Plex) and high-strength Dyneema lines for replacing steel cable (AmSteel-Blue.) In addition to advances in fiber and braiding technology, Samson's Samthane coating enhances the durability and snag-resistance of their arborist lines.

This video gives an excellent overview of the many ropes Samson makes for various industries, and how they are developed, tested, and built.


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