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Tree Climbing Safety Gear

Tree climbing with a full compliment of safety gear shows your customers and employees that you are serious about doing the job right and preserving everyone's safety. Tree climbing injuries are very unforgiving, and a few dollars spent on safety gear and standards could prevent thousands in medical bills and lost productivity. Every climber should own and use at least a helmet, chaps, eye and hearing protection, and gloves.

The 2012 ANSI Z.133 standard covers the safety requirements for tree care operations.

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Tree Climbing Helmets
Climbing Helmets

Perhaps the most essential piece of climbing safety gear, a good helmet is a priceless investment. Unlike hard hats, climbing helmets protect against impact from all sides.

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Tree Climbing Chaps
Chainsaw Protective Clothing

Kevlar fibers woven in these top-quality chainsaw chaps or chainsaw pants are designed to stop the chain before the leg is injured. Serious saw protection.

Chainsaw Protection

Arborist Safety Kit
Complete Safety Gear Kits

The best way to pickup all the required safety equipment for a tree climber or ground worker at one time with a substantial savings.

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Chainsaw Safety Goggles
Safety Glasses, Goggles, & Screens

Protect your eyes against chain saw dust, debris, and branches. Safety glasses, mesh goggles, and mesh screens are available, including the popular Bug Eyez mesh goggles.

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Chainsaw Ear Muffs
Hearing Protection

We have ear plugs and ear muffs for use around chainsaws and machinery. Hard-shelled ear muffs offer the highest protection, and ear-plugs offer protection without extra bulk. Helmet ear muffs available.

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Tree Climbing Chaps
Work Gloves
Rope handling gloves, tough leather work gloves, inexpensive latex palm gloves, and Youngstown work gloves can all be found here.

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Tree Work Hard Hats
Hard Hats

Hard hats protect the user from impact from the top only, and are absolutely essential safety gear for ground workers. (A true helmet is required for tree climbing.)

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Israel compression bandage
First Aid and Safety

On a tree job superior first aid equipment is needed to respond to injuries quickly and efficiently. Check out our compression bandages, bloodstoppers, and complete arborist aid kit.

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climber above sign

Signage materials are essential for the work site. Climber above signs, tape, chipper flags and safety cones and more.

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Doing tree work in response to storms frequently puts crews on the job in low-light conditions. Keep your work illuminated with a headlamp for your helmet.

Shop for Headlamps

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