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treeMOTION Tree Climbing Harnesses from Teufelberger

The treeMOTION harness is one of the most popular professional arborist harnesses in the world. The treeMOTION has caught on with tree climbers because of it's comfort, customization, and functionality. No other tree climbing harness gives you as many options to customize your harness as the treeMOTION. In 2013, Teufelberger improved the treeMOTION by making the comfort back padding standard, adding a rated rescue ring, and other changes. For users who like the design but want a more streamlined harness, the treeMOTION Super Light (s.light) is a slimmed-down version of the treeMO.

treeMOTION Harness

One Size

This totally customizable, ergonomic harness is one of the most talked about climbing saddles in the industry. Folks who have tried the treeMOTION love it for the way it can be totally customized by the user for a custom fit that provides pinch-free climbing. The unique construction of this saddle allows the user to customize everything from the hang of the leg loops to the position of gear loops for complete freedom of movement and comfort. The saddle itself is lightweight and contours to the body ergonomically with replaceable, washable padding.

The rope bridge is easy to replace with a knotted rope without splicing or disassembling the saddle, and it's easy to install a micro pulley. The rigging plates where the bridge connects can also be used as fixed attachment points. Features quick-connect leg and waist buckles, plenty of slots for gear rings, carabiners, or caritools, plus two heavy-duty gear loops in the back, a heavy-duty position for attaching a saw, and a spot for a climber's first aid pouch.

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treeMOTION S.light

One Size

The newest version of the treeMOTION is the Super Light (S.light) model. The treeMOTION S.light has the same general design, but uses thinner material to make the harness lighter than the original treeMOTION and more adaptive to the climber's body shape. The sleeker profile of the S.light is ideal for climbers who want their tree climbing harness to be as unobtrusive as possible and not get in the way of their climbing.

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