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Buckingham Leather Waist Belt:
Traditional Lineman's Belt

Buckingham Leather Saddles are made of high strength, durable materials line with top quality leather. The Nybuck belt is removable and allows easy attachment for pouches, snaps, etc. Comes with two snaps and two rings. This is a traditional waist belt as often used by linemen and pole climbers. This belt can be combined with the lower assemblies featured on this page to create a complete work positioning saddle.

Basic sizing for Leather Waist Belt saddles is: Small = 28” -32”, Medium = 32”-36”, Large = 36”-40”, Extra Large = 40”-44”.

These items are discontinued. Remaining stock is available at discounted prices on a first-come, first-served basis.

Buckingham leather waist belt

Sierra Hip Belt Only


Most popular lower assembly. Single floating dee ring allows lateral flexibility. 3” padded leg straps for comfort.

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Buckingham leather waist belt

Simpson Hip Belt Only


Floating dee ring in a butt strap style. Adjustable leather leg straps. The butt strap does not float in the suspension.

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