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Rigging Lines from Samson Rope

Samson Ropes is one of the largest rope manufacturers in the world and they have over 100 years of experience making ropes for the most demanding jobs. Samson has been a leader in developing ropes for tree rigging and climbing and Samson rigging lines like Stable Braid are our best sellers here at WesSpur. In addition to the strong, smooth-handling Stable Braid, Samson Arbor-Plex and Tree-Master are durable, strong, and reliable rigging lines that bring high-strength with a low cost.

For winch lines on a chipper, ATV, or Portable Winch nothing beats the incredible cable-replacing AmSteel-Blue.

Samson Stable Braid Rigging LIne
Stable Braid

Samson Stable Braid is our best-selling rigging lines. High-strength, low-stretch, and works great with arborist blocks and lowering devices. A great rope for rigging, especially in a false crotch rigging system.

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Arbor-Plex Rigging LIne

One of the few rigging lines which works equally well in natural and false crotch rigging. 12-strand construction is durable, and resists snagging. Available as a climbing line.

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Samson Nystron
Samson Nystron

Nystron is a double braid rope with a nylon core for great shock mitigation and increased elasticity - perfect for heavy rigging and negative blocking when high demands will be placed on the rope.

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Samson Tenex Tec
Samson Tenex Tec

Tenex Two End Carrier (TEC) is an easily-spliced 12-strand rope that is perfect for tree rigging slings.

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Samson Tenex Single Carrier
Tenex Single Carrier

Tenex (Single Carrier) is an easily-spliced 12-strand rope that is most commonly used for arborist winch lines.

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Samson Tree Master
Tree Master

Tree-Master is a new favorite rigging line from Samson. This 3-strand rope is a hard lay which makes it exceptionally strong and very durable. Available in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”.

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Samson Pro-Master Rope

Pro-Master is a soft-lay 3-strand rigging line available at great prices. This rope is good for natural crotch rigging and comes in 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 7/8” diameters.

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Samson AmSteel-Blue

Looking for an alternative to steel cable for your winch line? AmSteel-Blue is stronger than steel and easier to work with! A favorite for chipper winch lines.

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