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Arborist Rigging Line

When you are rigging down tree limbs or chunking down a tree, you may have loads weighing several hundred pounds exerting thousands of pounds of force on your rigging rope. WesSpur stocks a wide range of tree rigging ropes so that you can find exactly the right bull line for your job. Need advice on selecting the right rigging rope? Feel free to contact us online or call for a recommendation. Please note that all rope measurements from the manufacturer are plus or minus 5%

Never mix your personal climbing rope and your rigging rope!

ropes by brand Browse rigging ropes by brand

View our wide selection of arborist rigging lines divided by brand, or browse all of our ropes below. WesSpur carries Samson and Yale.

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Samson Stable Braid Rigging LIne Stable Braid

Samson Stable Braid is our best-selling rigging line. High-strength, low-stretch, and works great with arborist blocks and lowering devices. A great rope for rigging, especially in a false crotch rigging system.

Shop for Stable Braid

Arbor-Plex Rigging LIne Arbor-Plex

One of the few rigging lines which works equally well in natural and false crotch rigging. 12 strand construction is durable, and resists snagging. Available as a climbing line.

Shop for Arbor-Plex

Samson Nystron Rigging LIne Nystron

Samson's Nystron offers impressive working loads and break strengths with added energy absorption. A great line for rigging heavy wood.

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Yale Double Esterlon Double Esterlon

Double Esterlon is comparable to Stable Braid in strength and and works well in both natural crotch and false crotch rigging. Durable, low stretch, and high-strength.

Shop for Double Esterlon

Yale Polydyne Rigging Rope Polydyne

Yale Polydyne rope is a high-strength double-braid rope with exceptional energy absorption due to it's nylon core. Polyester outer layer provides abrasion resistance.

Shop for Polydyne

Atlas Bull Rope
Atlas Bull Rope

Atlas bull rope from Sterling Ropes has been developed for maximum shock absorption and high performance.

Shop for Atlas Bull Rope

Sirius Bull Rope
Sirius Bull Rope

Sirius bull rope is a high-strength double-braid rope with built-in overload indicators. A premium rigging line from Teufelberger.

Shop for Sirius Bull Rope

Samson Pro-Master Rope Pro-Master

Pro-Master is a soft-lay 3 strand rigging line available at great prices. This rope is good for natural crotch rigging and comes in 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 7/8” diameters.

Shop for Pro-Master

Samson Tree Master Tree Master

Tree-Master is a new favorite rigging line from Samson. This 3-strand rope is a hard lay which makes it exceptionally strong and very durable. Available in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”.

Shop for Tree Master

Samson AmSteel-Blue AmSteel-Blue

Looking for an alternative to steel cable for your winch line? AmSteel-Blue is stronger than steel and easier to work with! A favorite for chipper winch lines.

Shop for AmSteel-Blue

Samson Tenex Tec Tenex Tec

Tenex Two End Carrier (TEC) is an easily-spliced 12-strand rope that is perfect for tree rigging slings, winch lines, and other custom products.

Shop for Tenex TEC

Samson Tenex Single Carrier Tenex Single Carrier

Tenex (Single Carrier) is an easily-spliced 12-strand rope that is most commonly used for arborist winch lines.

Shop for Tenex Single Carrier

Marlow Multi-Braid Rope Marlow Multi-Braid Rope

Multi-Braid is a super-durable, easy-to-splice line which is ideal for making extremely tough tree rigging slings..

Shop for Multi-Braid

Pulleys and BlocksPulleys and Arborist Blocks

We have a wide range of pulleys and blocks designed for use with arborist rigging ropes.

Click here for the blocks

Rigging Kits Tree Rigging Kits

WesSpur rigging kits contain rope, slings, block and Port-A-Wrap III for a ready to go rigging solution.

Click here for the rigging kits

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