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Tree Climbing and Rigging Gear from Rock Exotica

Rock Exotica manufactures some of the most innovative and trusted climbing gear in the world. From their beginnings in manufacturing gear for solo climbing, Rock Exotica has risen to become an innovator in top-quality gear for all work at heights, including sport climbing, rescue, and now professional arborist tools.

Rock Exotica manufactures all their gear in the U.S.A. at their factory in Utah, the very same place where they are designed. This means that the quality control and consistency of Rock Exotica products is absolutely top-notch from beginning to end.

Rock Exotica is famous for their carabiners and swivel blocks, and recently began manufacturing the Unicender, breaking into the world of specialty arborist tools. When you see a piece of climbing gear with the Rock Exotica logo, you know you've got your hands on top-quality gear on the leading edge of the climbing and rigging industry.

Rock Exotica's Akimbo Rock Exotica's Akimbo

The Akimbo is the hottest new mechanical friction hitch.

Rock Exotica's Unicender Rock Exotica's Unicender

The Unicender is a hybrid climbing device for both SRS and MRT climbing.

Rock Exotica Carabiners Rock Exotica Carabiners

Rock Exotica carabiners are examples of great machining and design.

Rock Exotica Pulleys Rock Exotica Pulleys

Rock Exotica makes pulleys that have excellent application in tree work.

Rock Exotica  Rope Grabs Rock Exotica Rope Grabs

Rope-friendly edges, sleek design, and flawless action.

Rock Exotica Rigging Plates Rock Exotica Rigging Plates

Rock Exotica has raised the bar with totally unique rigging plates.

Rock Exotica Swivels Rock Exotica Swivels

Compact, high-strength swivels from Rock Exotica for twist-free ropes.

Rock Exotica Descenders Rock Exotica Descenders

Rock Exotica's Minieight is one of the most compact descent devices available.

Rock Exotica Logo Rock Exotica Tree Gear

Hats, shirts, and other gear as it's available.

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