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Tree Rigging Kits

Experienced arborists will tell you that rigging is one of the most advanced tree care activities to get involved in. WesSpur has made it easy to add advanced rigging techniques to your business with money-saving kits which contain all the equipment needed to set up a false crotch rigging system, speed line, mechanical advantage system, or pulling system.

False Crotch Rigging Kits
Negative Blocking Kits

Negative blocking (False Crotch) rigging kits are a complete system for the controlled lowering of wood in zero-impact rigging situations. Several versions available.

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Mech Advantage Kits
Mech Advantage Kits

Complete kits allow easy lifting or tensioning of line during rigging operations. Can be set up for 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage.

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Speed Line Kits
Speed Line Kits

Get a complete speed line kit with everything you need or 10-pack sling kits.

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Pulling Kits
Pulling Kits

Rope pulling kits with come-a-long, rope in varying lengths, and anchor sling. Also Gas-powered winches and more Power Pullers.

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