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Arborist Lowering Devices

Using a friction management device to lower limbs or trunk wood extends the life of your rigging ropes, protects the tree, and allows for safer, more efficient removal of wood. A number of lowering devices are available from the widely used Port-a-Wrap to the impressive Good Rigging Control system which allows for lifting of loads in addition to lowering. A suitable lowering device can be found for your rigging operation from our wide selection below. If you need any assistance choosing the arborist lowering device that's right for you, please contact WesSpur online and we will be happy to help.

Port-a-Wrap III lowering device
Port-a-Wrap III

The Original Port-a-Wrap is still made in the U.S.A. by Buckingham. This durable, simple device is a must-have for rigging down trunk wood and heavy limbs. Provides increased control and lower rope-wear.

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GRCS - the Good Rigging Control System
Good Rigging Control System

The GRCS incorporates both a rope brake and a handled winch so that you can not only control descents but also lift loads. The ultimate lowering device for bringing down heavy wood.

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Stein RC Device
Stein RC Devices

Stein makes RC units in a smaller, Port-a-Wrap style device and also a larger, tree-mounted unit. Impressive working load limits and well-engineered features.

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Aerial Friction Brake
Aerial Friction Brake (AFB)

Works like a block and friction device combined in one to make it easy for a climber to lower limbs and small tops from the tree.

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Rig N' Wrench
Tenex Tree Rigging Slings

Rig N' Wrench utilizes two popular devices used in rigging in the canopy. The DMM Pinto Rig with short stiff tether attached to an ISC Rope Wrench allows the climber to safely control light loads in the canopy, negating the need for a basal lowering device.

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Negative Blocking Kits
Negative Blocking Kits

Get everything you need for basic negative-blocking in one of our rigging kits, including lowering device, block, slings, rope and gear bag, with a built-in discount.

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