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Arborist Lowering Devices

Using a friction management device to lower limbs or trunk wood extends the life of your rigging ropes, protects the tree, and allows for safer, more efficient removal of wood. We carry a number of lowering devices- from the widely used Port-a-Wrap to the impressive Good Rigging Control system which allows for lifting of loads in addition to lowering. A suitable lowering device can be found for your rigging operation from our wide selection below. If you need any assistance choosing the arborist lowering device that's right for you, please contact WesSpur online and we will be happy to help.

Port-a-Wrap III lowering device Port-a-Wrap III

The Original Port-a-Wrap is still made in the U.S.A. by Buckingham.

GRCS - the Good Rigging Control System Good Rigging Control System

The ultimate lifting/lowering device; rope brake + handled winch.

Stein RC Device Stein RC Devices

Both floating and tree-mounted friction brakes.

Rigging Rope Wrench Rigging Rope Wrench

Rigging Rope Wrench allows lowering a rigging load

Rig N' Wrench Rig N' Wrench

Allows the climber to safely control light loads in the canopy.

Negative Blocking Kits Negative Blocking Kits

Complete rigging kits with built-in discount.

McDermott's Rope Brake McDermott's Rope Brake

Crown-mounted rope brake designed by Jim McDermott to lower from the tree.

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