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Rock Exotica Pulleys

Rock Exotica makes fantastic pulleys for climbing, hauling, rescue and rigging - all from their factory in Utah. Every Rock Exotica product is made in the U.S.A. and backed by one of the top names in gear for work at heights.

Omni-Block 2.6”


The new Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.6" is a real beast, combinging all the performance features that have made the Omni popular with a larger sheave, wider cheek plates, and a impressive 80kN breaking (20kN WLL)! The Omni-Block 2.6" will turn freely on the steel axle, keeping rigging ropes aligned and running smoothly. The wider cheek plates on this largest Omni offer additional protection for your lines. Like all Omnis, it is easy to attach mid-line thanks to the swinging sideplates with push-botton catch. This Omni can be spliced direclty on to a Loopie sling by request. Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

WLL 4,446 lb (20kN). MBS 17,984 lb (80kN). Weighs 1.9 lb (850 g).

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Omni-Block 1.5” Swivel Pulley


The Omni-Block pulley has a built in swivel to help ensure that the rope fairleads in and out of the block so that all pulling force is placed squarely onto the sheave. This helps to preserve the breaking strength of the system and to prevent the rope from abrasion with the cheek plates. Ideally suited for use as a false crotch with a climbing line, the Omni-Block will help to prevent the rope from getting twisted. 1/2” capacity. Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

WLL 810 lb. Breaking Strength 8,100 lb.

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Omni-Block 1.5” Double Sheave Swivel Pulley


This double block is ideal for creating mechanical advantage when lifting branches, pulling trees against the lean, or pre-tensioning a rigging line. Built in swivel to help ensure that the rope fairleads in and out of the block so that all pulling force is placed squarely onto the sheave. 1/2” capacity. Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

WLL 810 lb. Breaking Strength 8,100 lb.

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Omni-Block 2.0"


This new version of the Omni-Block from Rock Exotica is upgraded with a larger, 2” sheave for maintaining a larger bend radius in your line. Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

WLL 810 lb, Breaking Strength 8,100 lb.

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Omni-Block 2.0” Double Pulley


If you're familiar with the Rock Exotica Omni-Block pulleys, you know that the 2.0" Double will take its place as the largest double in the Omni family. In addition to hallmark Omni features like an integrated swivel, and push-button access to the sideplates, the 2.0" features a prussic-minding sideplate and working load limit (WLL) of 10kN (based on a 4-1 ratio). The full specs for the 2.0" Double are available by downloading the Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

MBS 40 kN, WLL 10 kN, max rope capacity 1/2", weighs 20.9oz.

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Omni-Block 1.1”


The Omni-Block 1.1" is a super-compact version of the popular swivel pulley from Rock Exotica. The Omni-Block 1.1” weighs in at only 5.1 oz vs the 9.2 oz of for the Omni-Block 1.5", and is a tight 4.4” x 2"”. It features the same swinging, locking side plate and top-quality swivel. Even with its small size, the Omni-Block 1.1” can handle 1/2” (13mm) climbing lines on it's 1.1” sheave. Omni Specsheet (.pdf file).

WLL: 1,125 lb (5 kN). Breaking Strength: 5,175 lb (23 kN).

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Rock Exotica Rescue Pulley - Double

Rock Exotica Rescue Pulley - Double


The Rock Exotica double rescue pulley mounts two 1.5” sheaves capable of running 1/2” (13mm) lines on high-efficiency bearings. Swinging side plates make it easy to install your lines. Lower becket provides an additional anchor point, and makes this high-strength pulley a great choice for creating mechanical advantage systems. The quality of machining, design, and strength of this pulley make it an excellent choice.

8,092 lb / 36 kN Tensile Strength, individually serial-numbered.

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Rock Exotica Hydra Swivel Pulley


Rock Exotica's new triple-attachment swivel pulley organizes your friction hitch setup, eliminates clutter, and improves mobility; or the Hydra can be used on your rope bridge for a sliding connection point which also eliminates rope twisting. We're sure you'll find many other uses for this tool, which combines a rigging-plate, pulley, and swivel into one.

The Hydra can be loaded at any of the three rubber-lined carabiner holes on the swivel top, and has a maximum rope diameter of 1/2" (13mm), breaking strength of 28kN (6294 lb), and a WLL of (5kN 1124 lb).

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Double Six Pulley by Rock Exotica

Double Six Pulley by Rock Exotica New in 2018!


The Double-Six pulley excels where size and weight are primary factors. With an offset centerplate, the Double-Six can be used as a single pulley without sideloading. Uses sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency. For rope diameter 6-8mm.

MBS: 20 kN (single) 30 kN (double) • WLL 4 kN (single) 6 kN (double) • Max Rope Size: 8.5mm

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Aztek Elite System

Aztek Elite System
Pulley Set Only
Prusik (dark)
Prusik (light)
8mm x 50' Rope
Sterling Carry Bag

The AZTEK elite system utilizes sewn cord products to create a mechanical advantage system. System contains two AZTEK Omni pulleys, 2 x 6mm sewn ratchets, and 2 Sterling SafeD carabiners. The AZTEK is contained in a compact hip-carry pouch. Creates either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a 4:1 with a change of direction. Applications include lifting downed limbs, rescue, and more.

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Aztek Pulley Set by Rock Exotica

Aztek Pulley Set by Rock Exotica


The Aztek Omni pulley incorporates Rock Exotica's burly swivel on a high-efficiency double-sheave block. The Aztek pulley set is the basis for the Aztek Elite system below, and are excellent for building mechanical advantage systems for rescue or pulling. The pulleys work best with the prusiks and rope included in the Aztek elite system, but are also available on their own for building your personalized mechanical advantage system.

Each pulley has a breaking strength of 8,092 lb (36 kN), a max rope diameter of 5/16” (8mm), and 1” sheaves (25mm). The Aztek pulley set weighs 15.4 oz.

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Aztek Pro Bag

Aztek Pro Bag


The Aztek Pro Bag belts around the leg to put your Aztek kit easily at your fingertips and increase the user's ease of movement. This bag was modeled on tactical drop-leg rigs, is slim and compact, and buckles easily around the leg with a top strap which goes to the user's belt or harness. The components of the Aztek stack in the Pro Bag to keep the profile narrow. The pro bag has a zippered bottom for easy access to the edge restraint. In addition to the main compartment, the Pro Bag has an external pocket and Molle webbing which can be customized with carabiners, Malice Clips, or other attachments.

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