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Arborist Rigging Blocks and Pulleys

Arborist blocks are built to sustain shock loading, a situation where the load free-falls momentarily before being caught by the block. This places far more force on the hardware than normal lowering. Arborist blocks have widened cheek plates to protect ropes & an upper sheave to safely attach a rigging sling. Pulleys are not manufactured to handle shock loading and do not have the features necessary for use in tree rigging.

Click here for a brief guide to choosing an arborist block or pulley.

Arborist Blocks Arborist Blocks

Arborist blocks are the proper tools for the highly-demanding tasks of tree rigging and removal.

Hitch-tending Pulleys Hitch-tending Pulleys

Compact pulleys perfect for tending your hitches on climbing system or work positioning lanyard.

Arborist Blocks and Pulleys Image 1/2” Pulleys

Ideal for redirects, slack tending, rescue operations, and more. Wide selection from Petzl, CMI, and others.

Arborist Blocks and Pulleys Image 5/8” Pulleys

5/8” pulleys for everyday static rigging operations. (Note: not designed for shock loading.)

Arborist Blocks and Pulleys Image Omni-Block Pulleys

High-quality rigging blocks with built-in swivel from Rock Exotica.

Arborist Blocks and Pulleys Image Progress-Capture & Specialty

Progress-capture, swivel, trolley, and other specialty pulleys can be found here.

Arborist Blocks and Pulleys Image Rigging Kits

Rigging kits for mechanical advantage, false crotch rigging, slide lining, and more.

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