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Felling Wedges and Logging Tapes

WesSpur stocks inexpensive plastic wedges as well as the best-quality USA-made felling wedges with added features like extra lift or hardened striking surfaces. With our wide selection of felling wedges, you'll be able to find the right selection of wedges to provide just the right amount of lift while felling trees. You'll also find the innovative DK Slider exclusively at WesSpur. This tool is better than wedges for chunking down large firewood rounds with ease. You'll also find the original Spencer logging tapes at the bottom of the page.

DK Slider


Introducing the DK Slider, a great tool to assist in bringing down big rounds. The DK Slider is inserted behind the bar as the cut is made, and keeps the round from pinching the saw blade as the cut is completed. Once the cut is finished, the DK Slider lets the cutter push large rounds with ease, cutting down the friction and making it easy to slide the cuts off.

The DK Slider is named for its inventor, production climber and ISA-certified arborist Dan Kraus.

Check out this video of the DK Slider in action to see how it makes cutting big wood easier.

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Double Taper Wedges

Double Taper Wedges

7” Double-Lift
8” Single-Lift

Heavy-duty, long-lived wedges for year-round use. Double-lift (shown here) with a steeper taper to add lift in a hurry, and single-lift available.

Hard Head Felling Wedges

Hard Head Felling Wedges


Hard Head wedges have a textured, super tough, bright yellow, high impact poly plastic body made from specially engineered materials that will resist the most severe shock. The ends of the wedge are steel for a hard striking surface ideal for serious pounding. Lightweight but sturdy to take ample punishment.

Oregon Brand Non-Slip Felling Wedges

OREGON® Plastic Non-Slip Felling Wedges

5 1/2”
8 ”

Durable OREGON® brand plastic felling wedges have blisters on one side to prevent slipping and are smooth on the reverse. A selection of felling wedges in your tool kit can make all the difference in falling a tree exactly where you want it.

Tuffy Felling Wedges

Plastic Tuffy Felling Wedges

5 1/2”

Red plastic Tuffy brand felling wedges with non-slip texture on one side (except 12” wedge which is smooth on both sides).

Felling Wedge Pouch

Felling Wedge Pouch


This felling wedge pouch has room for an assortment of felling wedges and saw files, and has a soft loop for attachment to the saddle. Great for keeping your felling and sharpening tools handy on the job site.

Heavy-duty Wedge Pouch

Heavy-duty Wedge Pouch

Pouch & Belt
Pouch Only
Belt Only

Reinforced vinyl web pouch on 2" cordura belt. Reinforced bottom stands up to daily use. 2 pockets, the first 7.5" deep, and the second 8.75" deep, store your wedges securely.

Wedge and Bandage Belt

Wedge and Bandage Belt


Some companies require employees to have a compression bandage when operating a saw on the ground. This package makes it easy to belt on your wedges and safety bandage and get to work. Contains the heavy-duty wedge pouch with Israeli bandage and pouch.

Wedges are shown for illustration only, and are sold separately.

Climber's Wedge Kit - Oregon Wedges

Climber's Wedge Kit - Oregon Wedges


Combining four dependable OREGON® felling wedges with the reliable and lightweight Fiskar's Hatchet, this kit will be a valuable addition to your gear bag.

Kit contains: two 5 1/2" yellow OREGON® felling wedges, two 8" yellow OREGON® felling wedges, the Fiskar's Hatchet, and pre-tied cord loops for easy hanging and attachment to your harness.

Climber's Wedge Kit - Tuffy Wedges

Climber's Wedge Kit - Tuffy Wedges


Four Tuffy brand felling wedges in two different sizes and the useful Fiskar's Hatchet make this a great felling starter kit.

Kit contains: two 5 1/2" red Tuffy felling wedges, two 8" red Tuffy felling wedges, the Fiskar's Hatchet, and pre-tied cord loops for easy hanging and attachment to your harness.

Wedge Kit

Wedge Kit


Brings you the most-used wedges for two sizes of trees, a wedge pouch, plus a great wedge hatchet. The Double Taper wedge is a great entry wedge, and may be the only one you need. The 2 Tuffy wedges are there to drive next to the 7D for extra lift.

Contains: Double Taper 7D, 2 x 5 1/2” Tuff Wedges, 3.5 lb Wedge Hatchet, Heavy-Duty Wedge Pouch with Belt.

Felling Wedge Pouch

Felling Wedge Kits

Small Kit (4 Wedges)
Large Kit (20 Wedges)

WesSpur’s small felling wedge kit comes with the wedge pouch, and 1 Tuffy wedge of each size( 5 1/2”, 8”, 10”, 12”) for a total of 4 wedges.

WesSpur’s large felling wedge kit comes with wedge pouch, small canvas gear bag, and 5 of each size of Tuffy wedge (5 1/2”, 8”, 10”, 12”) for a total of 20 wedges.

Spencer Logging Tape

50’ Spencer Logging Tape

50’ Logging Tape
50’ Logging Tape with Nail
50» Replacement Tape
Horseshoe Nail

This is the original Spencer logger tape. One side measures length, the other measures diameter. Available in 35’ or 50’ versions. 50’ version comes with a metal snap to hang from saddle or belt loop. Also available is a 50’ model with release nail, and a separate horseshoe nail for use with all tapes. Items sold individually.

Spencer Logging Tape

35’ Spencer Logging Tape


Used by timber harvesters everywhere, this tape measures length on one side and diameter on the other. 35’ is retracted automatically by spring-loaded reel.

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