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Tru-Shot Line Launcher

Line Launcher in use Line Launcher with Two 4’ FM Poles Line Launcher with Two 4’ BL Poles Ultimate Throw Line Kit Replacement 4’ Poles Replacement Tru-Shot Head Replacement Sling & Pouch Release Shackle Add-On 2’ Adapter Pole Add-On (Tru-Shot Head/Sling sold separately)
Line Launcher in use

Tru-Shot Line Launcher

Buy Tru-Shot Line Launcher with One 8’ Pole

With 8’ Marvin Pole
With 8’ B-Lite Pole

Includes Tru-Shot Head (with sling and pouch) and one 8’ Fred Marvin or Jameson B-Lite Pole. B-Lite poles are stronger, lighter, and more rigid than regular fiberglass poles.

Buy Tru-Shot Line Launcher with Two 4’ Poles

With 4’ Marvin Poles
With 4’ B-Lite Poles

Includes Tru-Shot Head (with sling and pouch) and two 4’ Fred Marvin or Jameson B-Lite Poles. B-Lite poles are stronger, lighter, and more rigid than regular fiberglass poles.

Buy Tru-Shot Line Launcher Add-ons

Release Shackle

Release Shackle

Smooth and accurate release every time. Includes short cord for standard needs, 3’ Zing-It for creating longer release cords, and 4’ of 6mm cord to tie a prusik and secure the shackle to the pole.

2’ Pole Tru-Shot Adapters

For Marvin Poles
For B-Lite Poles
For Jameson Poles

Adapters convert your existing 6’ fiberglass poles for use with the Tru-Shot. Tru-Shot Head sold separately.

Buy Tru-Shot Line Launcher Replacement Parts

Pair of 4’ Tru-Shot Poles

4’ Marvin Poles
4’ B-Lite Poles

Tru-Shot Head

Tru-Shot Head

Includes Tru-Shot Head, Pouch, and Sling.

Pouch & Sling Only

Pouch & Sling

Includes replacement Pouch and Sling only. Tru-Shot Head sold separately.

Jameson's Tru-Shot Line Launcher is by far the easiest way to get your line into the tree. This innovative launcher works like a giant slingshot to shoot lines up to 100 feet. Can be used with a standard throw weight and throw line system, or with the specially-designed “bullet-style” throw weights, which are rouded to fit more easily in the slingshot pouch. Line launchers are equally popular with arborists, competition climbers, and recreational tree climbers. Being able to put your throw ball and line through the target crotch with precision and speed is definitively worth the investment!

Pole Sizes: The Tru-Shot is offered with either an 8’ pole for ultimate rigidity, or with two 4’ poles for easier transportation. The 8’ pole is an oversized item and is not eligible for the free shipping offer.

Pole Types: Choose between the standard Fred Marvin (orange) fiberglass poles or the increased strength, rigidity, and lower weight of the Jameson B-Lite (blue) fiberglass poles. 2’ adapters are also available to convert your 6’ standard Fred Marvin, standard Jameson, or Jameson B-Lite poles to be compatible with the Tru-Shot head.

THR301, THR302, THR310

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Additional Features

  • Increased speed/productivity
  • Accurate
  • Reduces fatigue from multiple throws
  • Easy to operate
  • Lots of options to fit your needs
  • Great add-ons to customize your set-up
  • All parts replaceable

Safety and Instructions

  • Firing pouch and elastic straps must be turned AWAY from the operator.
  • Only use this product with approved fiberglass poles.
  • Always wear proper safety equipment, including helmet and eye protection.
  • Always evaluate target zone for unexpected hazards.
  • If people or valuable property are in the target zone, DO NOT FIRE until they are relocated a safe distance away.
  • Before firing, provide a loud, audible warning by voice or whistle.
  • Prepare your throw line before firing by flaking it out onto a tarp or into a bucket/bag positioned between yourself and the target.
  • Position the throw weight evenly in the sling pouch.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Rated: Disappointing Review by: Joel

    “The Tru Shot has much larger diameter rubber tubing than the Big Shot. The Tru Shot is way harder to pull and does not shoot nearly as far or high as the Big Shot. I bought my son the Tru Shot for Christmas. We shot his side by side with my Big shot and the same throw line and throw bag. The Tru Shot fell short every time after many shots were taken. Unfortunately we had to send it back.”

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