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view 1 Weighted, Color-coded Ends+ Quantum-X Slings with 12” Eyes Crane Set with Ring Crane Set in use at 2018 Crane School <br/>(photo by Kim Nieves-Sosa) Crane Set in use at 2018 Crane School <br/>(photo by Kim Nieves-Sosa)
WesSpur's Quantum-X Crane Sling image

WesSpur's Quantum-X Crane Sling

WesSpur's Quantum-X Crane Sling

Buy WesSpur's Quantum-X Crane Sling

Crane Sling Set
SLI926 Built to order
Crane Sling Set with Ring
SLI926RBuilt to order

WesSpur's crane sling uses Samson Quantum-X rope to create a crane sling that is truly up to the job. This 3-sling set has 2 x 25' slings and 1 x 30' sling.

Slings feature big 12” eyes, color-coded stitching so you know which sling is which length at a glance, and shot stitched into the tail of the sling to improve handling. Sling Working Load Limit: 7,056 lb.

These slings were designed from designs by Niceguydave with input from Mike Teti, owner of Custom Climber Services. They were first released at the Crane Safety Climber School 2016 and have proven themselves to be the go-to, heavy hitter for big, balanced crane picks. Our crane slings have the correct tag for critical lift operations as required by OSHA. Quantum X was the line that Niceguydave chose after careful consideration of the unique requirements for balanced picks in crane work.


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Additional Features

  • 12 ” eyes
  • Color-coded for length
  • Weighted ends for better handling
  • Strong enough for true crane picks
Manufacturer : Iron Street Rope Splicing
Made in : USA
Diameter (inches / mm) : 3/4” / 16mm
WLL (lb / kg) : 7,056 lb / 3,200 kg

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Topic Two: list of guidelines

  • Guideline 1
  • Guideline 2
  • Guideline 3

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboriculutral operations.

Relevant portion

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Chris Girard - Girard Tree Service, LLC

“All that I can say about these slings is WOW! I was down at the 2016 crane workshop in Penn and Nice Guy Dave had us demo them and put them through the works. We used them in rain, sleet and freezing snowy conditions all the while sometimes having to drag them through a quagmire of mud and slush. The slings performed flawlessly. As a matter of fact, the more that we used them, the better the fibers worked themselves into the slings, thus reducing potential picking. As a matter of fact, I don't recall any picking issues, such that you can sometimes get with regular Amsteel slings, or even Tenex.

One thing that we do want to point out to riggers who choose to use these slings, is to tie them with a Cows Hitch, backed up with 2 slipped half hitches for easier removal, once the piece has been let down and you are ready to untie them from the crane. We did run into some minor issues when climbers used Clove Hitches backed up with regular tight half hitches. It just made it harder to have the ground crew untie them.

All in all, the BEST crane slings that I have ever used. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Chuck

“ I had the opportunity to try these slings at The Crane Man's 2016 Crane Safety Climber course. They worked awesome. The combination of two 25' and one 30' slings made rigging large and small balanced picks a breeze. With such a high working load limit you can comfortably go for the massive picks. Thanks to Niceguydave for introducing them to us. ”

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