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DK Slider

The DK Slider, invented by Dan Kraus
DK Slider image

DK Slider

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Introducing the DK Slider, a great tool to assist in bringing down big rounds. The DK Slider is inserted behind the bar as the cut is made, and keeps the round from pinching the saw blade as the cut is completed. Once the cut is finished, the DK Slider lets the cutter push large rounds with ease, cutting down the friction and making it easy to slide the cuts off.

The DK Slider is named for its inventor, production climber and ISA-certified arborist Dan Kraus.

Check out this video of the DK Slider in action to see how it makes cutting big wood easier.


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DK Slider demonstration by Niceguydave

DK Slider demo

Additional Features

  • High-impact material
  • Move large rounds with ease
Manufacturer : WesSpur
Made in : USA
Material : UHMW-PE
Weight : 14 oz / 400 g
Length : 21.5" / 54cm
Width : 6" / 15.25cm
Thickness : 1/4" / 635mm

Customer Reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Justin McNulty

“The DK Slider was an invaluable tool for taking down large Oak rounds with precise accuracy. I was able to move rounds weighing over 150lbs off the stump with relative ease. Worked exactly as advertised.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Clint Heser

“ I really like the DK Slider and have been able to chunk down much larger pieces without cutting a notch (just a straight cross cut). I also like that the width is just right to not get the bar stuck and that pieces slide off that much easier. I couldn't recommend this clever devise more!”

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