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Knot Cards - WesSpur Arborist Knots Double-sided cards keep handy info close-by. Double-sided cards keep handy info close-by. Knot Cards are heavy-duty and waterproof.
Knot Cards - WesSpur Arborist Knots image

Knot Cards - WesSpur Arborist Knots

Knot Cards - WesSpur Arborist Knots

Buy Knot Cards - WesSpur Arborist Knots


A quick-reference for crucial arborist climbing and rigging knots that fits in your wallet or shirt pocket and puts 14 popular knots at your fingertips. The WesSpur Arborist Knots cards feature a selection of the most popular climbing friction hitches, in addition to knots for joining two ropes or attaching a load to a rigging line. These waterproof plastic cards have clearly printed visual instructions and tips on each hitch, and are joined with a durable brass grommet.

The Arborist Knots card contains: Prusik Hitch, Tautline Hitch, Buntline Hitch, Sheet Bend, Yosemite Bowline, Double Fisherman's, Zeppelin Bend, Blake's Hitch, Valdotaine Tresse, Munter Hitch, Distel Hitch, Klemheist Hitch, Timber Hitch, and Girth Hitch all in one compact reference.


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Additional Features

  • Most popular arborist knots
  • Waterproof
  • Compact
  • Goes anywhere

Knots Included in this Set

  • Prusik Hitch
  • Tautline Hitch
  • Buntline Hitch
  • Sheet Bend
  • Yosemite Bowline
  • Double Fisherman's
  • Zeppelin Bend
  • Blake's Hitch
  • Valdotain Tresse
  • Munter Hitch
  • Distel Hitch
  • Klemheist Hitch
  • Timber Hitch
  • Girth Hitch

Always Choose the Proper Knot for the Job!

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Arbormac

“ Great size and very durable. Easy to pull out of your pocket for easy reference. Great for noobs or experienced peeps. I like that it gives the best use for each knot as this helps settle disagreements. ”

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