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Yale Bluemoon Rope image

Yale Bluemoon Rope

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 Yale BlueMoon Climbing Line  Yale BlueMoon Hank  Buy BlueMoon  600’ Reel for the Best Per Foot Price

Yale BlueMoon Rope

Buy Yale BlueMoon Rope


Buy Yale BlueMoon Rope Spliced

Yale BlueMoon Rope with Hand-Spliced Tight-Eye


Yale BlueMoon Rope with Hand-Spliced 5" Eye


Yale BlueMoon Rope with Viking-Spliced Tight-Eye


Yale BlueMoon Rope with Viking-Spliced 5" Eye


Buy Yale BlueMoon Rope in Bulk

Yale BlueMoon Rope by the foot or 600’ reel


Enter the total quantity of bulk rope you would like, or maximize your savings by purchasing a whole reel. If you would like your bulk rope cut to different lengths, please leave us a note in the comments field during checkout.

Yale's Bluemoon climbing line is a popular smaller-diameter climbing line that offers a slightly large grip than other 11mm lines. The size is 11.7mm, making it slightly thicker than other 7/16” rope such as Yale's Blaze, which is great for climbers who want to use climbing hardware that requires a smaller-diameter line, but who prefer a slightly larger grip. Bluemoon is light yet durable, has good hand and knotability, and runs well in hardware. The double-braid construction and tight cover of BlueMoon works well through mechanical devices.

BlueMoon has a 11.7mm diameter, combining the lightweight characteristics of 11mm ropes with the more conventional sizing of 1/2” climbing lines. Yale makes BlueMoon with a 24-strand “Tite-Braid” cover that reduces cover milking. The braided filament polyester core keeps the rope firm and flexible even after extensive work use.

Quick Overview: 15/32” diameter, 6,500 ABS, 6.5 lb per 100’.


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Customer Reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Robert

“I have used other ropes to climb with. I bought the blue moon about two years ago and felt very comfortable with it. It runs through my uni very well. It does not fray or pig tail hardly at all. No stretch to mention. My helper has been using it and now he wants one too. It is the only climbing line I will use. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Lewu3

“Excellent rope! BlueMoon is the 3rd climbing line I have used as my daily climbing line, preceded by Dragonfly my first line, came with my first gear kit. Lava my second line. BlueMoon as my third. It runs through my hitch super smooth, barely any pig tailing after about three climbs, milking maybe once. I've only had to whip the ends once . Super-low stretch so every pull I make I get the most out of the energy I put into getting up the tree. This is super apparent when I would go back to Lava for my "pine line" even more so with the Dragonfly (almost feels like a bungee cord to me now). I have tried Blaze as a fellow coworker climbs it, same low stretch, but just a little too small for my hands. With that said I now use my other ropes for light duty tag lines and tying down ladders! I just recently ordered a 600' spool of BlueMoon from WesSpur because I heard a horrible rumor that Yale will be discontinuing this excellent line. Please don't! I would like to to climb this for a long long time to come. Thanks WesSpur and Yale for a super product.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Matt

“Love the Blue Moon. Low stretch, good grip.”

Additional Features

  • Competition grade
  • Smooth cover for mechanical ascension
  • Low stretch
  • Unique size
  • Light weight
Manufacturer : Yale Cordage
Made in : USA
Diameter : 15/32” / 11.7 mm
Average Strength : 6,500 lb / 2,540 kg
Construction : Double-braid
Material : Polyester
Wt. per 100’/100m : 6 lb / 8.9 kg
Elastic Elongation : 1.4% at 10% ABS
Hand Spliceable : Yes
Sewn Spliceable : Yes

Safety & Technical Information

Dynamic Energy in Arborist Rope

This great article at Yale Rope's website explains the how the ability of a rope to absorb impact is affected by the elasticity of the rope. Breaking strength is not the only important factor in determining if a rope is right for the job. Dynamic Energy in Arborist Ropes

ANSI Z133-2012

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboriculutral operations.

Arborist climbing lines are required to have a minimum breaking strength of 5,400 lb (24 kN) when new, and should be no smaller than 1/2” (12.7mm) unless the employee has been trained in the use of smaller line (down to 7/16” / 11mm), and the line's working elongation should not exceed 7% at 540 lb load.

BlueMoon rope meets ANSI Z133-2012 standards, as long as the user has been trained in the use of smaller lines.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.


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