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WesSpur Spur Bag

WesSpur Spur Bag Extra Protection Against Gaff Punctures WeSpur Spur Bag with Reinforcement WeSpur Spur Bag with Reinforcement
WesSpur Spur Bag image

WesSpur Spur Bag

Buy WesSpur Spur Bag

Spur Bag

Finally, a durable bag built specifically to carry spurs and stand up to the rigors of tree work.The WesSpur Spur Bag is a doctor-style bag that will fit spurs, flipline, saw, and other gear, and is reinforced on the bottom and with hard plastic inserts on the inside, to keep spikesfrom penetrating the bag. This bag is built to keep your spur points safe and your other gearfrom getting punctured by your spur points. Gaff guards have a way of getting lost or slippingfrom the points while in the bag, so this Spur Bag is built to stand up to accidental contact withsharp gaffs.

Made in the USA.


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Additional Features

  • Durable construction
  • Extra shielding against gaff punctures
  • Waxed canvas for water-resistance
  • Fits spurs, flipline, other gear
Brand : WesSpur
Made in : USA
Length : 24" (61cm)
Witdh : 9" (23cm)
Height (center) : 11" (28cm)

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