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Singing Tree Rope Runner

Singing Tree rope runner Integrated Pulley Makes Tending the rope runner Smooth Bolt in the Upper Segment Allows Fine-Tuning All Rope Runner Segments Marked for Easy Assembly Birdflap for Rope Runner, Black (Sold Separately) Birdflap for Rope Runner, Red (Sold Separately)
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Singing Tree Rope Runner

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Rope Runner
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Birdflap Black
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Colors may vary!

The Singing Tree Rope Runner is a single rope ascent and descent device for 11-13mmm 24-strand ropes. The Rope Runner provides smooth control of the rate of descent for the climber on single, 24-strand line.

Kevin Bingham created one of the most popular devices for SRT climbing, the Rope Wrench, and now has helped evolve the field of SRS climbing with the new Rope Runner device.

The Rope Runner color may vary.


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Additional Features

  • Smooth Descents
  • Works with 11mm - 13mm ropes
  • Ascend/descend on one device
Brand : Singing Tree
Made in : USA
Maximum Rope Diameter : 11mm - 13mm / 7/16" - 1/2"
Approximate Break Strength : 22.7 kN / 5,000 lb
Material : 7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Weight : 246 g / 8.67 oz


The Rope Runner is for expert use only. It's the user's responsibility to climb safely and have the proper instruction.

The Rope Runner is

  • Not for use by novices in SRT techniques
  • Not an SRT training device
  • Not to be used for extreme activities, speeds, and/or in extreme conditions
  • Not for use by anyone not willing to take full responsibility for their own life
  • Not to be used by people over 275 lbs (125 kg) or for multi-person loads
  • Not a fall arrest device

Rope Runner User Manual

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