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Rope Grabs / Flipline Adjusters

Rope grabs make for great flipline adjusters. Rope grabs such as the Petzl Micrograb and Macrograb, Rockgrab, or SMC Grip offer reliable, consistent adjustment for flipline lanyards. These mechanical flipline adjusters will last longer than hip prusiks, are easily repaired, and are more resilient to accidental nicks and cuts. For quick-release versions of some of these rope grabs, see our rope grabs page.

Rockgrab 90 Lanyard Adjuster

Repair Kit

Rock exotica’s lanyard adjuster features a 90 degree twist in the cam lever so that the unit lies in a more easily accessible position. 1/2” capacity or 1/2” to 5/8” capacity. Ribbed cam. Weighs 5 oz for the smaller version, and 8 oz for the large.

Petzl Micrograb 1/2” Adjuster


Petzl Micrograb at a Glance Video.

New design in 2016! The compact aluminum body on the new Micrograb provides super-smooth adjustment on rope fliplines up to 1/2”. Lighter, easier-to-use and reposition, and now featuring an integrated spring - no more replacing cable springs! Weighs 5.29 oz.

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SMC Grip Rope Grab / Lanyard Adjuster


The SMC Grip is a great rope grab which makes an excellent flipline adjuster on virtually any rope. The compact, sleek design of the Grip makes it easier to adjust, and the action is smooth and trouble-free as climbers have come to expect from SMC. Each Grip is hand-inspected before leaving the factory and made in the USA.

The folks at SMC build all their gear to last for 20 years of use, and you'll feel the attention to detail in the action and smooth design of the grip.

US Standard Flipline Adjuster

US Standard Flipline Adjuster

1/2” - 5/8”
3/8” - 1/2”
Repair Kit

A new version of the U.S. Standard Rope Grab from Climb Right mounts the tensioning spring inside the cam, so there is no external spring cable to snag or cut. Two versions available: one for 3/8” to 1/2” diameter fliplines, one for 1/2” to 5/8” fliplines. Compact and lightweight. Repair kit contains, bolts, nut, and both current & old-style springs. Made in the U.S.A.

Note: The 1/2"-5/8" version of this item may temporarily be substituted with a similar U.S. standard rope grab from US Rigging Supply due to a supply shortage of the Climb Right version. The substitute rope grab is nearly identical, though it does contain an external cable.

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ProClimb Lanyard Adjuster

7/16" - 5/8"

Aluminum rope grab with cam lever, compatible with ropes from 7/16" to 5/8" (11mm to 16mm). Weighs .69 lb / 11 oz. An economic choice for you flipline adjuster.

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Gibbs Steel Ascender and Flipline Adjuster

Gibbs Steel Ascender and Flipline Adjuster

Small - Up to 1/2”
Large - 5/8” to 3/4”
Spring Repair Kit

Gibbs ascenders are highly respected in the climbing community for their strength and reliability. Easy to install on any flipline, and secures with a nylock nut. This ascender is a popular choice for those who want the strength of steel.

BuckGrab Flipline Adjuster

BuckGrab Flipline Adjuster


This flipline adjuster from Buckingham puts a half-twist in the cam so that your adjuster connects to your saddle with a single carabiner at the right angle, without the need for a twisted clevis! This is the only flipline adjuster with this technology. New version keeps cam engaged with tensioning spring instead of external cable. Bolt secures with nylock nut and split ring (another unique feature). 1/2“ capacity. Ribbed cam.

Click this link to open Buckingham BuckGrab manufacturer’s instructions.

Petzl Zillon

2.5m (8.2')
4m (13.1')
5.5m (18')

The Adjustable Zillon lanyard is built for arborist work positioning. The Zillon adjuster incorporates a series of folding stainless-steel links which hold the position on the lanyard and are easy to adjust with one hand. An integrated pulley on sealed ball-bearings makes one-handed slack tending easy.

The Zillon lanyard has a tight eye on the lead end, so you can use your favorite locking carabiner.

ART Positioner 2 Lanyard Adjuster (swivel eye)

Positioner 2 (swivel)
Replacement Clutch

The same great Positioner 2 from ART (Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology), with a terrific new feature: a swivel carabiner eye. The swivel prevents the device from twisting on the rope and keeps the Positioner in perfect position, allowing for comfortable handling in just about every situation. Satisfies all requirements for a high quality adjust through brilliant ease of use and compact design. 7/16" to 1/2" capacity.

Available with lanyard and carabiner as a Positioner flipline kit.

CMI Ropewalker Ascender

CMI Arborist Ropewalker Ascender


The CMI Arborist Ropewalker ascender provides quick mechanical adjustment to fliplines and comes equipped with an adjustable spring tension and a bolt through the cam for fixed application on the lanyard.

With a minimum breaking strength of 7500 lb., the CMI Arborist Ropewalker is the strongest flipline adjuster and meets the 5000 lb. ANSI strength requirement for lifeline connections. Closes securely with a grade 8 steel bolt and locking nylon nut.

Gibbs Klimair Flipline Adjuster

Gibbs Klimair Flipline Adjuster


This flipline adjuster is designed for 1/2” rope, and travels and operates in either direction, effectively turning a double-snap flipline into a two-in-one flipline. The Klimair is compact and lightweight. Climbing with a two-in-one flipline is safer and allows the climber to bypass branches without being unsecured.

Note: the warning printed on the Klimair that it is not to be used on metal rope means it is not to be used directly on steel cable. It is fine for use on steel-core fliplines.

Self-Locking Twisted Clevis

Self-Locking Twisted Clevis

5/16” (5/8" opening) - 6,600 lb
13/32” (3/4" opening) - 9,900 lb

Strengths listed are tensile strengths.

A great upgrade to the twisted clevises listed below, these forged-steel twisted clevises screw tight into a "locked" position to ensure your connection is extra secure. Often used to connect to a flipline adjuster, as the twist holds the adjuster in a horizontal position that is easier to adjust. Must be securely tightened before use. Made in France.

Flipline Adjuster Tether

Flipline Adjuster Tether


Spectra flipline adjuster tether allows the adjuster to be attached to a carabiner on the D ring at the proper angle.

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