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Fliplines and Lanyards

Steel-core fliplines are made with braided arborist rope over steel cable. This gives a steel-core flipline extra rigidity, making it easier to flip up the tree - especially on larger stems. A running chainsaw will easily sever a steel-core flipline; and they should not be considered chainsaw-proof. Caution must always be used in the tree.

Rope lanyards are ideal for work positioning in the canopy of trees, for spur climbing when a conductive flipline cannot be used, or any time a lighter flipline is desired.

2-in-1 fliplines and lanyards let you advance over limbs or obstacles by clipping the second end to your saddle above the obstruction before releasing the first end. Alternating ends in this way, it is easy to climb past limbs that aren't being removed without ever being untied from the tree.

Not sure what flipline is right for you? This video guide to fliplines can help.

Tree Climbing fliplines Steel-Core Fliplines

Steel-core fliplines made with braided arborist rope over steel cable.

Flipline Kits Steel-Core Flipline Kits

Flipline, adjuster, and carabiner with built-in discount.

Tree Climbing fliplines 2-in-1 Fliplines & Kits

2-in-1 fliplines allow the tree climber to bypass obstacles.

Mechanical Flipline Adjusters Rope Grabs / Flipline Adjusters

Petzl Micrograb, Gibbs Ascenders, Kong Klimair, and more.

Tree Climbing fliplines Rope Flipline (non-steel-core)

Rope lanyards are constructed of durable rope and are non-conductive.

Rope Lanyard Kits Rope Lanyard & Prusik Kits

Lanyard, prusik, hitch pulley, and carabiner with built-in discount.

Rope Lanyard Kits Rope Lanyard & Adjuster Kits

Lanyard, adjuster, and carabiner with built-in discount.

Click here to view the Hip Prusiks Hip Prusiks

A friction knot tied using a prusik loop for adjusting fliplines.

Pole Straps Pole Climbing Straps

Nybuck and webbing pole climbing and work positioning straps.

Iron Street Rope Splicing Iron Street Rope Splicing

Our expert splicers can make any custom flipline you need.

New Tree Gear New Tree Gear

Check out the newest tree gear in the WesSpur shop.

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