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Complete Spur Climbing Kits

WesSpur spur climbing starter kits contain everything necessary to spur climb a tree in one price-saving package. Compare our kits to those offered by others, and you will find the gear quality and savings in a WesSpur kit to be much higher. Every climbing kit includes a large discount, and all gear needed to cover the basics, as outlined in the components below.

See the sizing charts below to determine what size harness you need.

Tree & Pole Gaffs

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. If you climb mainly hardwoods or thin-barked trees, you will want to switch to pole gaffs. Please tell us in the 'comments' section and we will make the change.

Harness Sizing for Kits (waist size)

Buckingham (Split-suspension, Viking, Spartan) SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”
Petzl (Sequoia) Size 0: 25" - 31" Size 1: 28" - 36" Size 2: 32" - 47"
treeMOTION EVO One size fits 30”-38”

Spur Climbing Kit General Info

It is the user's responsibility to gain adequate instruction in the use of all climbing equipment. Professional training is recommended. In order to help the user attain a basic understanding of the skills and knots required to use these kits, we include a free copy of The Tree Climber’s Companion with every starter kit (except the Super Economy) but this is not intended to be the sole source of instruction.

Spur climbing damages trees. Climbing with spurs damages trees. Spurs are most often used for removals. Rope climbing kits are available for non-harmful climbing.

Upgrades and substitutions in kits can be made by phone or by leaving a comment during checkout. We will swap out the equipment and charge or deduct any difference in retail price. Keep the kit discount and get exactly the gear you want.

10% Off PPE, Ropes, and Hand Saws when you buy a Climbing Kit with coupon code: "KITPLUS".

Applies to: Tree Climbing Helmets, PPE, Climbing Ropes, or Hand Saws purchased on the same order as any Spur Climbing Kit, Rope Climbing Kit, or Combo Kit. Some items excluded.

WesSpur's Entry-Level Spur Climbing Kit

Small Harness
Medium Harness
Large Harness
XL Harness

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. Pole Gaffs (better for thin bark) may be substituted by request.

This is the best starter kit on the market! This kit is built around rugged and dependable climbing gear that can get the job done without extra bells and whistles.

The 2018 kit comes with Shin Cup pads which have angled steel inserts that provide rigid support and superior comfort when compared to soft pads. The Buckingham steel spurs have an offset tree gaff (pole gaffs, ideal for palm and thin-barked trees, are available on request). The split-D harness is both durable and comfortable, featuring a wide, padded back and a leather-lined sit sling. This kit includes the Tree Climber’s Companion - an excellent resource for climbers at any level- and also comes with a burly, military-style duffle bag to hold all your equipment. Featuring a great collection of no-nonsense gear, this is our recommended kit for entry-level climbers who have a limited budget but nonetheless want quality equipment.

Kit Contains: Wide-back harness, Buckingham steel spurs with Shin Cups pads, 12' x 5/8" Hi-Vis Steel-core Flipline, US Standard Adjuster, Pirate carabiner, Tree Climber's Companion, large canvas gear bag.

Video Overview by Niceguydave and WesSpur 2018 Climbing Kit Update.

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Super Economy Spur Climbing Kit

Super Economy Spur Climbing Kit

Kit w/ Small Harness
Kit w/ Medium Harness
Kit w/ Large Harness
Kit w/ XL Harness

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. Pole Gaffs (better for thin bark) may be substituted by request.

This super-economical spur climbing kit brings the price down as far as possible by using the simplest, no-frills gear available. Leather 'L' Pads offer minimal padding. While this kit is still full of quality-manufactured gear, the price is kept low by cutting out padding and extra features on the spur pads and harness. This kit is similar to the basic kits offered by many other companies. We encourage any beginning climbers to consider the Entry-Level Spur Kit above for a much more comfortable set of gear.

Entry-level Spur Kit with Climb Line

Small Harness
Medium Harness
Large Harness
XL Harness

This kit comes with all the basic spur climbing gear in our regular kit, plus 150' of XTC Poseidon. Included Tree Climber's Companion illustrates how to use this rope in a traditional, closed system.

WesSpur's Deluxe Spur Climbing Kit

Kit w/ Viking KIT21‑V
Kit w/ Small Harness
Kit w/ Medium Harness
Kit w/ Large Harness
Kit w/ XL Harness
Kit w/ Spartan KIT21‑S
Kit w/ Small Harness
Kit w/ Medium Harness
Kit w/ Large Harness
Kit w/ XL Harness
Kit w/ Sequoia KIT21‑P
Kit w/ Size 1Harness
Kit w/ Size 2 Harness

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. Pole Gaffs (better for thin bark) may be substituted by request.

The Deluxe Spur Kit is for the working climber who spends long days in their spurs. Buckingham Big Buck Pads have an angled steel insert and extra-wide padding to spread the pressure on your leg over a wider area. The Yale Maxi-Flip is a popular flipline due to the strength and durability that the hand-spliced cabling of the eyes provides. Rock Exotica's Rockgrab Lanyard Adjuster features a unique 90 degree twist in the cam lever so that the unit lies in a more easily accessible position.

The Deluxe kit offers three different high-performance saddle options. The Viking is a great all-around workhorse; it's uncluttered, well-padded, with a replaceable 'Warp Speed' rope-bridge. The Spartan is modeled after the Buckingham Ergovation, and is a heavy-duty, super comfortable saddle that provides support for spurring while also relieving pressure on the hips and lower-back. The new Petzl Sequoia 2019 is lightweight, sleek, and low-profile, with a sewn rope bridge and quick-snaps on legs and belt.

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WesSpur's Premium Spur Climbing Kit

w/ treeMotion Harness

Kits are supplied with tree gaffs by default. Pole Gaffs (better for thin bark) may be substituted by request.

If you want the absolute best, then this is the kit for you! Bucklite Aluminum Spurs are lightweight, while the Steel Support Pads add thick padding and rigid support thanks to the steel inserts. The Maxi-Flip Sport flipline also shaves off ounces and features Flemish Eye splices and an ISC snap.

The treeMOTION is a sleek, lightweight, and highly customizable harness. This Austrian-made saddle has won over many climbers due to its versatility.

Every component of this kit is top-of-the line for comfort, construction, and usability.



Climbing Line Upgrade

Climbing Line Upgrade

16-strand Kit
24-strand Kit

This upgrade for your spur climbing kit gives you premium rope and hardware to setup Moving Rope System. With this add-on, you can maintain the two points of connection required to work safely in the tree. The Moving Rope System can be used to enter a tree you are not spur climbing, as a second point of connection when climbing, and to exit the tree quickly and smoothly.

  • 16-strand Kit Contains: 150' ArborMaster® Bigfoot, SMC micro pulley, RIT eye-to-eye prusik, and two RockO carabiners
  • 24-strand Kit Contains 150' Velocity Hot with hand-spliced tight eye, Phlotich Pulley, Bail Out XL eye-to-eye prusik, and two RockO carabiners
Climbing Line and Safety Upgrade

Climbing Line & Safety Upgrade


This kit provides a climbing line upgrade that can be used as described above, and also includes essential safety gear for working in trees.

Kit Contains: 150' Bigfoot climbing line, RIT friction hitch, 2 x RockO carabiners, SMC micro pulley, figure 8, medium rope bag, Petzl Vertex 2 Vent Helmet, Boas Safety Glasses, Atlas Gloves, & helmet ear muffs.

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